Schantz project #2336

May 21, 2021
Schantz organ, St. Mary Catholic Church, Cincinnati
Schantz organ, St. Mary Catholic Church, Cincinnati

Schantz Organ Company, Orrville, Ohio, recently completed its project #2336 for St. Mary Catholic Church, Cincinnati, Ohio. The layout, mechanism, console, control system, and relay are all new. The project reused 31 ranks of the church’s 1971 Möller organ, revoiced, while 18 new ranks were installed, resulting in an instrument of 49 ranks playable across three manuals. The existing non-speaking façade pipes were also cleaned and restored.

Among the projects currently underway is a rebuilding of the console from Mount Hebron United Methodist, West Columbia, South Carolina, with a modern control system. Casters will be installed to allow the two-manual console to be movable, and several other minor mechanical revisions are also being carried out on this instrument built by Schantz in 1975.

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