Orgues Létourneau Opus 135

June 22, 2021
Orgues Létourneau Opus 135
Orgues Létourneau Opus 135

Orgues Létourneau Opus 135 is featured on the cover of the June issue of The Diapason. Installed at First United Methodist Church, Lubbock, Texas, the organ comprises 97 total stops, 75 ranks, 4,233 pipes on four manuals and pedal, and features five expressive divisions.

Opus 135 is playable from two new consoles. There is a large and traditional four-manual stopknob console in the chancel, and a two-manual console in the gallery with touchscreen controls. The gallery console offers the same stop controls as its larger brother at the other end of the sanctuary, giving organists complete control of the instrument in real time. Both consoles also share the same capture system, allowing the organist to move from one end of the building to the other without concern for registrations.

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Also see the video: Jonathan Gregoire performs Hugh Bancroft’s “Pastorale” on the new Létourneau organ at First United Methodist Church in Lubbock, Texas,


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