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94-rank, 64-stop Tellers-Lauck organ
Full-time Director of Music/Organist. $65–$75K base, plus benefits. $... more
Kilgen Petit Ensemble
Kilgen Petit Ensemble, 2-1/2 ranks, two manuals, 17 stops. Full AGO... more
Yun Kim CD_Wild Card (Raven OAR-142)
Yun Kim is featured on a new CD, Wild Card, on the Raven label (OAR-... more
OHS 2018 Calendar
The OHS 2018 Calendar celebrates the 63rd Annual Convention of the... more
Bells of Bethlehem
Bells of Bethlehem (Campanas de Belén) (A little fantasy... more
Gabriel Kney 2-manual, 9-stop
Gabriel Kney 2-manual, 9-stop organ, circa 1989. Fully mechanical... more
Damin Spitzer_Rene Becker Vol. 3
Damin Spritzer is featured on a new recording, Organ Music of... more
1991 Wilhelm Opus 123
1991 Wilhelm Opus 123. Three-manual, 39-stop free-standing mechanical... more
Rare Estey Grand Minuette (1930, Opus 2882).  2-manual, 3-rank,... more
Rheinberger Organ Sonatas, Vol. 5, a new Raven CD. Bruce Stevens... more
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