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About Us

THE DIAPASON is an international journal devoted to the organ, harpsichord, carillon and church music. It has been in circulation for more than 100 years, providing consistent coverage on instrument specifications, recent news, international event calendars, and both scholarly and technical articles, as well as those of more general interest.

Emphasis is given to material dealing with all aspects of the pipe organ.

The publication maintains a strong following among its readers, many of whom have been subscribers for more than 30 years.

About Our Founder

Siegfried Emanuel Gruenstein
Siegfried Emanuel Gruenstein

Siegfried Emanuel Gruenstein was born March 26, 1877, in Charlestown, Indiana, the son of a Reformed Church minister who served congregations in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Iowa. Through Siegfried’s family life, he first experienced and was drawn to a life in church music.

He attended Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois, an institution that remained close to his heart throughout his life. Siegfried would play organ for college events for more than three decades, and was awarded an honorary Master of Arts degree from the college for his service to music. He served as organist to First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest from 1891 until 1939. He presented recitals throughout the United States, and it has been noted that “he played more society weddings than any other organist.”

Journalism ran through his blood just as much as music. He served on the staff of the Chicago Evening Post from 1895 to 1909 and was telegraph editor of the Chicago Daily News form 1909 until 1917. As noted in THE DIAPASON, January 1, 1958, “The real dominating element in his whole life was THE DIAPASON, which he founded experimentally in 1909 more as an act of faith and love than with the hope of worldly success.” Mr. Gruenstein died December 6, 1957, but his legacy continues with THE DIAPASON, 110 years after its first issue was printed in December 1909.

Engaging the Present

In 12 issues every year, THE DIAPASON serves a national and international audience of over 4,000 recipients, including organists, organ builders, professors, and musicians at churches, theaters and universities throughout the world.


May 16, 2024
Church of the Santissimo Crocifisso
May 15, 2024
The complete trio sonatas of Johann Sebastian Bach, BWV 525–530