St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Hanover, PA
A clavichord, viewed from above
Jonathan Oblander in the Berghaus organ, La Casa de Cristo, Scottsdale, AZ
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Sauk Rapids, MN, K.C. Marrin Op. 3
Newtown United Methodist Church, Cincinnati, OH, Rathke organ
An 18th-century clavichord
Christ Church, Rochester, New York
St. Chrysostom’s Church, Chicago, Fisk organ
First Presbyterian Church, Evansville, IN, Fisk organ
Bells of the carillon at Culver Academies, Culver, IN
First Presbyterian Church, Ypsilanti, MI, Martin Ott organ
Participants in Schoenstein Competition: judges Stephanie Nofar-Kelly, Scott Hanoian, Huw Lewis; contestants Meghan Meloy Ness, Sarah Simko, Annelisa Crabtree, Dean Robinson.
February 18, 2018
Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders of Bellwood, Illinois, has completed rebuilding the organ of First United Methodist Church, La Grange, Illinois. The three-manual, 55-stop, 41-... more
February 18, 2018
Pierre Pincemaille, 61, died, January 12, an international concert organist, church organist, music professor, and composer. Born in Paris, France, December 8, 1956,... more
February 18, 2018
Johann Sebastian Bach’s S. 562, Fugue (fragment) in C-minor is paired with an eloquent Fantasia, a single-subject five-voice contrapuntal composition, perhaps a lesser known... more
February 18, 2018
The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit, Michigan, continues choral Evensong services, Sundays at 4:00 p.m.: March 11,3/25 (Passiontide Concert),May 10 (Evensong for... more
January 30, 2018
Nunc Dimittis Robert Malcolm Speed, 87, died June 18, 2017, in Des Moines, Iowa. Born in Knoxville, Iowa, he played piano and harmonized tunes before starting school. By age... more
January 30, 2018
Performance Something that has been on my mind for a while now is the relationship between being a player and being a performer. This has been on my mind in one way or... more
January 30, 2018
We’re working on it. This is a lovely moment to be writing. It’s about 7:00 on a Tuesday morning, and I’m sitting at the dining table in our house in Maine, with a nice view... more
Iberian Chamber Organ
Iberian Chamber Organ Housed at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, organ has tracker key and mechanical stop action. The flue pipe configuration is based on the instrument named... more

Stopped Flute and Quintadena, with Octave Coupler.

Blower and vacuum pump included.

Casework excellent. Piano works OK. All components complete.

Re-rubberclothing needed for...

Nid: 2743

1971 II/3 Delaware simulated tracker-touch pipe organ (61) pedal (32).

Perfect for practice or small church. 12 stops, 185 pipes.

Phone 330/494-3195 or e-mail by clicking below.

Nid: 2747

Two-manual/pedal, 4-rank unified.

$6,000 or best offer; buyer to remove/ship.

Currently in storage, playable before disassembling, some restoration needed.

Phone 612/554-3350...

Nid: 2755

Moeller Artiste, 3 ranks, very good condition, some renovation completed, builder ready to assist in moving for additional cost. $8,000/best offer.

414/228-8737; e-mail by clicking below....

Nid: 2758

1978 Reuter pipe organ....

Nid: 2761

Reiley tracker organ, ca. 1890. Two manuals, 9 ranks, 10 speaking stops, 4 couplers.

10' 5" wide; walnut and cherry case.

Excellent condition. Asking $42,000.


Nid: 2763

1928 Casavant pipe organ, completely restored...

Nid: 2765

Wicks organ—two manuals, four ranks, ca. 1990.

16' Rohrflute, 97 pipes; 8' Principal, 85 pipes; 4' Gemshorn, 73 pipes; 8' Trumpet, 61 pipes.

Excellent condition. Oak casework and...

Nid: 2771

Martin Pasi pipe organ for sale.

Two manuals, 24 stops, suspended-tracker action. $350,000.

Details on web at or phone 425/471-0826, or send an e-mail...

Nid: 2774

Clearing inventory—Box organ.

Specification: 8' Gedeckt, 4' Rohrflute, 2' Principal.

Case: Mahogany with extensive woodcarving.

Key compass: 54 notes from C1–e54.


Nid: 2776
Peter Richard Conte and Andrew Ennis
PETER RICHARD CONTE, Organist ANDREW ENNIS, Flugelhornist & Organist Peter’s reputation preceded him, drawing a large audience that left delighted with both the masterful command of the... more
Iberian Chamber Organ
Iberian Chamber Organ Housed at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, organ has tracker key and mechanical stop action. The flue pipe configuration is based on the instrument named... more
Many of us are now busy at work on all aspects of the Lenten and Easter seasons. We hope that you will find... more
As I write this in late January, most of us are experiencing a relative heat wave, just a week ago having... more
The staff of The Diapason trusts that you had a pleasant and safe Advent and Christmas season. As many of us... more
My wife Wendy’s daughter Meg is a vibrant young woman who inherited an intense sense of curiosity from her... more

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