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Grant Peace, We Pray, a new choral work by David Herman,... more
Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ 1920: 2 manual, 10 rank. (6 ranks are... more
Casavant Opus 3262. A superb quality 17-rank, 13-stop tracker action... more
Garland Pipe Organs, 3/63, 1992. Excellent condition. Available... more
Cornel Zimmer Organbuilders is seeking a highly-motivated individual... more
Used Kimball (circa 1955) pipes: 23 ranks; two blowers. Underwood... more
J F Nordlie Opus 27, 1995: 33 ranks, 30 stops, 1,718 pipes. $150... more
One-manual, 6-rank, tracker-action pipe organ built by M. P. Möller... more
Virgil Fox Remembered. Peter Richard Conte plays a live concert on... more
The Organ Historical Society 2017 Calendar celebrates the 62nd annual... more
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