Performer Name
Example: 2018 or 2018-10
Date Time Performer Location
12 3:30 pm James Hicks Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman, La Crosse, WI
12 4 pm John Wilson, with trumpet Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, San Francisco, CA
12 4 pm Douglas Cleveland Christ Church Christiana Hundred, Wilmington, DE
12 4 pm Choral Evensong Duke Chapel, Duke University, Durham, NC
12 7 pm Thomas Kientz St. Josef, Bonn-Beuel
12 7 pm Ute Gremmel-Geuchen Hl. Geist-Kirche, Schramberg, Germany
12 7:30 pm Isabelle Demers, with choir Calvary Episcopal Church, Cincinnati, OH
12 8 pm Aaron Tan Cathedral of the Madeleine, Salt Lake City, UT
14 7 pm Todd Wilson St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, Palm Desert, CA
14 7 pm David Baskeyfield Cathedral of the Holy Name of Jesus, Raleigh, NC
14 7 pm Alcee Chriss St. Louis Catholic Church, Nashville, TN
14 8 pm Thomas Ospital St. Thomas Church, Dudelange, Luxembourg
14 8 pm Gerhard Löffler St. Jakobi, Hamburg, Germany
15 12 noon Just Bach Luther Memorial Church, Madison, WI
15 1:05 pm Rosemary Evans Welsh Church, London, UK
15 4 pm Thomas Ospital First Congregational Church UCC, Columbus, OH
15 8 pm Hartmut Rohmeyer Kreuzkirche, Dresden, Germany