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Organ Historical Society convention July 21–25

March 16, 2024
Organ Historical Society annual convention, Baltimore, Maryland
Organ Historical Society annual convention, Baltimore, Maryland

The Organ Historical Society annual convention takes place July 21–25 in Baltimore, Maryland. 

The schedule will feature organs by Johnson & Son, W.B.D. Simmons, Hall & Labagh, Henry Niemann, Casavant Frères, Frank Roosevelt/Austin Organ Co./David M. Storey, Hilborne Roosevelt, George Jardine & Son, Wilson S. Reiley, M.P. Möller, Adam Stein, Pomplitz Church Organ Co., J.H. & C.S. Odell, Andover Organ Company, Skinner Organ Company, Thomas Hall, Schantz Organ Co., Roosevelt, Stein, Erben, Pomplitz, Henry Niemann, and others. 

Performers include Ken Cowan, Nathaniel Gumbs, James Kealey, Jordan Prescott, Alcee Chriss, Marvin Mills, Chuyoung Suter, Christa Rakich, Eric Plutz, Bruce Stevens, Michael Stefanek, Dominic Fiacco, Nicole Keller, Peter Crisafulli, and others.

For information: 484/488-7473,  https://organhistoricalsociety.org/2024/ 


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