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Kenneth Robert Reed dead at 73

June 14, 2024
Kenneth Robert Reed
Kenneth Robert Reed

Kenneth Robert Reed, 73, of Otsego, Michigan passed away peacefully at home on May 1, 2024. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer a year earlier, which had metastasized to the brain. 

Born on April 3, 1951, in Sturgis, Michigan, he was a graduate of Mattawan High School. After working managing a plastics company for 10 years, he became fascinated with pipe making upon being introduced to it. In 1978, Ken met his life partner, James Lauck. Together they owned and operated the Lauck Pipe Organ Company of Otsego, Michigan. Since 1983, he had been a pipemaker and operated his pipe shop adjacent to the Lauck Pipe Organ Co. 

Kenneth Reed was skilled in all phases of pipe making including metal casting, flue and reed pipe making, and the machining of shallots and blocks. Most of his production found its way into Lauck organs, but he was always willing to help out other organ builders with on sight installation problems. He was also office manager and general manager of Lauck Pipe Organ Co. until the company closed at the end of 2018. 

His passions were his home, gentleman farming, raising various animals and tending to the acreage. His love of family was paramount. Kenneth Reed is survived by his husband, James Lauck, whom he had been with for 45 years.


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