James Reed to Fosen Cathedral, Trøndelag, Norway

August 4, 2021
James Reed
James Reed

James Reed is appointed organist and director of music (Kantor) at Fosen Cathedral, Trøndelag, Norway, where he will lead the music program of this congregation of the Diocese of Nidaros, Trondheim, in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway (Den Norske Kyrkja). He will assume responsibility for the Kantoriet as well as for monthly organ Vespers and regular Sunday services.

In addition to responsibilities for Roan Parish, and the parish churches of Stoksund and Åfjord, he remains artistic director of the Norwegian Early Church Music Festival (Nynorsk kyrkjemusikkfestivalen) based in Hove (Vestlandet), and music director of St. Mary’s Singers, Westminster, UK, and St. Alphage Chorus, Edgware, UK.

He leaves his position of interim director of music for Steinkjer Parish Church, Trøndelag.


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