International Organ Competition Pierre de Manchicourt

January 18, 2020
Freytag-Tricoteaux organ, Saint-Vaast's Church
Freytag-Tricoteaux organ, Saint-Vaast's Church

The Eighth International Organ Competition Pierre de Manchicourt announces its 2020 contest, September 29–October 2, open to organists of all ages and nationalities. Applicants may choose to compete on one, two, or three instruments.

All pieces or transcriptions should be compatible with the specifications of each instrument: Auxi-le-Château (Carpentier/Cattiaux, 1747/1993, 3 manuals, 33 stops), Saint-Omer (Cavaillé-Coll, 1855, 4 manuals, 49 stops), and Béthune (Freytag/Tricoteaux, 2001, 3 manuals, 42 stops).

In each location, first prize is €4,000; second prize is €2,000. The jury includes François Espinasse, Shin-Young Lee, Reitze Smits, Ludger Lohmann, Henry Fairs, and Ami Hoyano.

Deadline for application is May 1.

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