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Holtkamp organ, Central Christian Church, Lexington, Kentucky

Holtkamp Job #2127; three manuals 42 ranks 
Central Christian Church, Lexington, Kentucky

Holtkamp Organ Company has built a new for for Central Christian Church, Lexington, Kentucky. The history of organs at Central Christian Church began with a Hook & Hastings tracker instrument in 1894. This was replaced in 1915 by a tubular-pneumatic-action organ by M. P. Möller. After a worship space fire in 1933, the Möller was rebuilt by Henry Pilcher’s Sons of Louisville, Kentucky. This was followed by an organ by the Holtkamp Organ Company in 1960. Twenty-two stops from the existing organ were included in the new organ project.  Of these twenty-two stops, all were revoiced and ten were rescaled.

The organ dedication series began in September 2023 and continues on Sundays at 4 p.m.: March 10, Schuyler Robinson; April 14, David Enlow; May 19, Clif Cason; June 16, Erich Balling and Lisa Hall. 2023-2024 Holtkamp Organ Dedication Series brochure

The video features excepts from the dedication series:

Käthe Wright Kaufman: Star Fantasy (2021), by Kristina Arakelan (b. 1994)

Jillian Gardner, "Mars," from The Planets, Opus 32 (1916), by Gustav Holst, 1874–1934; transcribed by Jillian Gardner

Nathaniel Gumbs, Benedictus, Opus 65, Number 9, by Max Reger (1873–1916)

The organ is featured on the cover of the March 2024 issue of The Diapason:
Photo credit: Matt Peel