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September 14, 2020
Organ Playing from the Very Beginning by Carsten Klomp
Organ Playing from the Very Beginning by Carsten Klomp

Butz-Musikverlag announces the publication of Organ Playing from the Very Beginning by Carsten Klomp, a new comprehensive organ course for beginners of all ages.

Carsten Klomp, professor at the University of Church Music in Heidelberg, presents an unconventional, fresh approach in teaching organ music. Each two-page spread contains a lesson with practical and theoretical contents. Instead of routine fingering exercises, this method book offers short compositions of gradually increasing levels of difficulty. Pedaling, ear training, and improvisation are integrated in simple, motivating exercises corresponding with music and organ theory, which are taught in a playful and humorous way. To round up the edition’s pro-active learning method, this organ course pays attention to the stylistic diversity of organ music from little chorales, character pieces, dances, and carillons to brief excursions into swing and rock music.

Organ Playing from the Very Beginning contains 108 pages, 41 learning units with 23 lessons on music theory, and 17 lessons on organ theory. Included in this compendium is a CD with ear training exercises and recordings of practice pieces.

Available at Butz-Musikverlag, Bonn, Germany, [email protected], order # BU 2990 | ISBN 978-3-928412-90-2 or the Organ Historical Society OHS, www.ohscatalog.org.


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