14th International Organ and Early Music Festival

November 13, 2022
Basilica de la Soledad
Basilica de la Soledad

The 14th International Organ and Early Music Festival takes place February 22–27, 2023, in Oaxaca, Mexico, presented by the Instituto de Órganos Históricos de Oaxaca A.C. (IOHIO).

The schedule features:

• eight concerts on eight Oaxaca historic organs, with organists Kimberly Marshall (USA) and Juan María Pedrero (Spain); Víctor Contreras (México) with Faustino Díaz, trumpet and trombone (Oaxaca); as well as Cicely Winter and Valentín Hernández, percussion (Oaxaca)

• visits to eight unrestored organs and their churches, many of which are usually inaccessible to the public

• the opportunity for professional organists to participate in the collective concerts in San Andrés Zautla and Santa María Tamazulapan

• the opportunity for all interested organists to play the organs in the Basilica de la Soledad, the Cathedral, and the church of Jalatlaco

• meals which showcase Oaxaca’s famous local cuisine.

• a guided tour of the archeological site of Monte Alban.

Those who have never participated may read about the 13th festival  at https://www.iohio.org.mx/eng/fest2020.htm to get an idea of what to expect.

For information: www.iohio.org.mx



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