Organ Projects

October 2, 2018

Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church

Durham, North Carolina

P. J. Swartz Organ Company

Eatonton, Georgia

The P. J. Swartz Organ Company of Eatonton, Georgia, has completed the relocation of M. P. Möller Opus 11821 (1990) from its original home at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church, Naples, Florida, to Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church, Durham, North Carolina. The organ primarily consists of electric-slider windchests, which were reconfigured to fit the new location. A chamber area was created with an adjoining sound proofed blower room, and some façade pipes were rebuilt as Haskell basses to fit under the available ceiling height. Windchests were also repositioned to facilitate tuning and maintenance access as well as tonal blend. The organ sits on the long axis of the pyramidal shaped room, behind the choir singers. The original actions and operating systems were in good condition, and retained. Tonal regulation was accomplished by Philip Swartz and project manager Nicholas Schroeder. The console was refinished to match other church furnishings, and façade pipes were re-painted to fit the architectural context.

Scott R. Riedel of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was consultant to the project, which also included acoustic improvements to the nave. The ceiling deck and organ chamber walls were finished with multiple layers of dense gypsum board, carpeted flooring was replaced with slate, and brick features were added to side walls to diffuse sound energy and eliminate flutter-echoes.

—Scott R. Riedel, President 

Scott R. Riedel & Associates, Ltd. 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin



16 Bourdon 73 pipes

8 Principal 61 pipes

8 Hohlflute (ext 16 Bourdon)

4 Octave 61 pipes

4 Koppel Flöte 61 pipes

2 Super Octave 61 pipes

IV Mixture 244 pipes

8 Trompete 61 pipes

8 Festival Trumpet (in Swell) 61 pipes


SWELL (enclosed)

8 Rohr Flute 61 pipes

8 Viola 61 pipes

8 Viola Celeste (TC) 49 pipes

4 Prestant 61 pipes

2 Block Flöte 61 pipes

II Cornet (TC) 98 pipes

III–IV Plein Jeu 232 pipes

8 Hautbois 61 pipes



8 Holz Gedeckt 61 pipes

8 Erzähler 61 pipes

4 Spitz Flöte 61 pipes

2 Principal 61 pipes

113 Quint 61 pipes

8 Dulzian 61 pipes

8 Festival Trumpet (Gt)



32 Untersatz (fr 16 Bourdon)

16 Principal 44 pipes

16 Bourdon (Gt)

8 Octave (ext 16Principal)

8 Flöte (fr Gt 16Bourdon)

4 Choral Bass 52 pipes

III Mixture (derived fr Choral Bass)

16 Posaune 56 pipes

8 Trompete (ext 16Posaune)

4 Klarine (ext 16Posaune)


25 independent stops, 32 ranks, 1,885 pipes


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