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May 4, 2018

Fabry Inc. Pipe Organ Builders,

Antioch, Illinois

First Church of Christ, Scientist,

Libertyville, Illinois

Fabry, Inc., was contracted to rebuild and install this instrument in the very small balcony of this church nave. The organ was built by M. P. Möller as their Opus 8685 for a small church outside Madison, Wisconsin. The project included installing a Peterson Duo Set Single Board combination action, a diode matrix relay, electric shutter action, furnishing a totally new finished cabinet enclosure with shutters on the front and side, and replacing all cloth-covered wiring. This instrument originally contained three ranks; however, the church decided to add an 8 Trompette, bringing the instrument to a total of four ranks. The original Möller instrument never had the 12 bass pipes of its 8 Principal rank. Due to space limitations, the bottom octave of the 8 Principal was supplied by a Peterson digital voice. The project was headed by Adrienne Tindall.

GREAT (enclosed)

  8 Principal (digital 1–12, 73 pipes)

8 Gedeckt (97 pipes) 8 Viola (73 pipes) 4 Principal (ext 8 Principal)

4 Gedeckt (extension 8 Gedeckt)

4 Viola (ext 8 Viola)

223 Principal (ext 8 Principal)

2 Principal (ext 8 Principal)

8 Trompette (73 pipes)

4 Trompette (ext 8 Trompette)

Swell to Great

Pedal to Great

SWELL (enclosed)

8 Gedeckt (fr Gt 8 Gedeckt)

8 Viola (fr Gt 8 Viola)

4 Gedeckt (fr Gt 8 Gedeckt)

4 Viola (fr Gt 8 Viola)

223 Gedeckt (ext Gt 8 Gedeckt)

2 Gedeckt (ext Gt 8 Gedeckt)

135 Viola (ext Gt 8 Viola)

113 Larigot (ext Gt 8 Viola)

8 Trompette (fr Gt 8 Trompette)

4 Trompette (fr Gt 8 Trompette)


PEDAL (enclosed)

32 Resultant (wired fr Gt 8 Gedeckt)

16 Gedeckt (ext Gt 8 Gedeckt)

8 Gedeckt (fr Gt 8 Gedeckt)

8 Viola (fr Gt 8 Viola)

513 Gedeckt (fr Gt 8 Gedeckt)

4 Principal (fr Gt 8 Principal)

4 Gedeckt (ext Gt 8 Gedeckt)

16 Trompette (wired resultant)

8 Trompette (fr Gt 8 Trompette)

4 Clarion (fr Gt 8 Trompette) 


10 General pistons (thumb and toe)

General Cancel (thumb)

Combination adjuster (thumb)

Tutti (thumb and toe, with indicator)

Balanced expression shoe

Balanced Crescendo shoe (with indicator)


St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Union Grove, Wisconsin

This instrument was built by the Wicks Organ Company of Highland, Illinois, as a “Convention Portable Organ.” Many of the instrument’s original case panels were hinged for easy disassembly, and the chassis was placed on wheels. In December 1958, the instrument with its drawknob console was sold to and installed at Zoar Lutheran Church, Elmwood Park, Illinois, as the builder’s Opus 3873.  

When the Elmwood Park church closed, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Union Grove, Wisconsin, acquired the instrument and contracted Fabry, Inc., to remove the 14-rank instrument and move it to its new home. We transported some parts of it to the church and other parts to the Fabry factory to be rebuilt and re-engineered. All new Peterson solid state equipment was installed. We constructed a new swell box enclosure with a new electric shade action, and added new casework for the new installation. The balcony required a small amount of remodeling to allow sufficient space for the instrument. 

The project was headed on behalf of the church by Pastor David Ramirez, Dan Hirsh, treasurer, and Paul Hrupka, president. Fabry thanks everyone for their cooperation during this project.



8 Principal (68 pipes)

8 Nason Flute (80 pipes)

8 Gemshorn (97 pipes)

8 Dolcan (73 pipes)

4 Prestant (68 pipes)

4 Gemshorn (ext 8 Gemshorn)

4 Flute (ext 8 Nason Flute)

4 Dolcan (ext 8 Dolcan)

223 Twelfth (68 pipes)

223 Gemshorn (ext 8 Gemshorn)

2 Fifteenth (68 pipes)

2 Gemshorn (ext 8 Gemshorn)

135 Gemshorn (ext 8 Gemshorn)

  Tremolo (electric unit)

  Chimes (25 bars, electric action)

Great 16

Great Unison Off

Great 4

SWELL (enclosed)

8 Stopped Flute (92 pipes)

8 Salicional (80 pipes)

8 Voix Celeste (TC, 56 pipes)

4 Flauto Traverso (68 pipes)

4 Violina (ext 8 Salicional)

223 Nazard (ext 4 Flauto Traverso)

2 Harmonic Piccolo (ext 4 Fl. Trav.)

8 Trompette (80 pipes)

8 Schalmei (68 pipes)

4 Clarion (ext 8 Trompette)


Swell 16

Swell Unison Off

Swell 4


32 Lieblich Gedeckt (resultant)

16 Diapason (44 pipes)

16 Bourdon (ext Sw 8 Stopped Flute)

8 Principal (ext 16 Diapason)

8 Flute (fr Gt 8 Nason Flute)

8’ Gemshorn (fr Gt 8 Gemshorn)

8 Gedeckt (fr Sw 8 Stopped Flute)

8 Dolcan (fr Gt 8 Dolcan)

513 Quint (fr Sw 8 Stopped Flute)

4 Choral Bass (fr Gt 4 Prestant)

4 Gedeckt (fr Sw 8 Stopped Flute)

III Mixture (collective)      

16 Trumpet (wired ext. 8 Trompette)

8 Trumpet (fr Sw 8 Trompette)

4 Clarion (fr Sw 8 Trompette)



Inter-divisional couplers (tilting tablets)

Great to Pedal 8 Great to Pedal 4 Swell to Pedal 8 Swell to Pedal 4 MIDI to Pedal Swell to Great 16 Swell to Great 8

Swell to Great 4 Pedal to Great MIDI to Great Pedal to Swell MIDI to Swell


10 General pistons (thumb and toe)

6 Great pistons (thumb)

6 Swell pistons (thumb)

4 Pedal pistons (toe)

Set (thumb)

General Cancel (thumb)

Great to Pedal reversible (thumb and toe)

Swell to Pedal reveresible (thumb and toe)

Pedal to Great reversible (thumb)

Pedal to Swell reversible (thumb)

Tutti (thumb and toe, with indicator)

32 Lieblich reversible (toe)

Zimbelstern reversible (thumb and toe)

Balanced Swell expression shoe

Balanced Crescendo shoe (with indicator)

Wind indicator

—Phil Spressart


Builder’s website:

First Church of Christ, Scientist, website:

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church website:

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