New Organs

September 9, 2013
3Sep 2013 Here & There.pdf  

Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders, Inc.

Bellwood, Illinois

Luther Memorial Chapel, 

Shorewood, Wisconsin

The 35-rank organ for Luther Memorial Chapel contains several elements of diverse origins that have been combined to serve as a liturgical instrument for this Lutheran church located in suburban Milwaukee. The nucleus of the organ comes from the 1951 Casavant that originally served the Church of the Epiphany in Providence, Rhode Island. Other elements such as pipework and chests were taken from viable resources in Luther Memorial Chapel’s existing organ.  

The instrument contains Great, Swell and Pedal divisions at the front of the chancel. Because the church decided to keep the choir and console in the rear balcony, a floating Choir division was created to support accompaniment roles, as well as providing tonal enhancement to the front divisions. A new façade containing a new 8′ Pedal Principal was constructed to beautify the tonal opening to the chancel. The console was refurbished from the original Casavant organ, and outfitted with solid-state components.  

Scott Riedel, of Scott R. Riedel & Associates Ltd. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, served as the consultant. The organ was dedicated in recital on April 22, 2012 by Alexander Post, Rev. Michael Henrichs, and Jonathan Oblander, tonal director of Berghaus.

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