New Organs

June 30, 2018

Lee T. Lovallo Pipe Organs

Antelope, California

Paul Dessau residence

Carmichael, California

Constructed in 2016 and 2017, this new organ was conceived for playing Renaissance and early Baroque literature, especially the music of Spain. It has four ranks, a 45-note compass, and a short octave in the bass.

The 8 wood gedackt (Bordone) is available throughout the full compass. The 4 spotted metal principal (Octava), with some pipes forming the façade, starts at tenor C. The 2 spotted metal principal (Quincena) starts at tenor C and is divided at middle C/C-sharp, as is the 113 spotted metal quint (Decinovena). The drawknobs are located on the side of organ’s case, directly connected to the sliders.

The instrument is pitched at 415 Hz and tuned to quarter-comma meantone. The naturals are covered in purpleheart, and the sharps are made of holly. The inaugural concert was played by Lee Lovallo at Bethel Lutheran Church, Sacramento, featuring a program of late Renaissance music with recorder, vocal, and percussion accompaniment.


Builder’s website:


8 Bordone (stopped wood)

4 Octava (TC)

2 Quincena (TC, divided C/C#)

113 Decinovena (TC, divided C/C#)

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