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Damin Spritzer plays Buzard Opus 40, Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Damin Spitzer plays Rhapsody, op. 17, no. 3, by Herbert Howells on Buzard Pipe Organ Builders Opus 40 and 40R, St. Vincent Archabbey, Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Shortly after the outbreak of World War One, Germany sought to demoralize England by attacking British cities and towns from the air. Massive airships, beyond the reach of British defenses, bombarded civilian centers under the cover of darkness. In March of 1918, Herbert Howells was in York during a zeppelin raid. While taking shelter from the bombing, he composed the Third Rhapsody in a single night.

The video features Buzard Opus 40 and 40R, St. Vincent Archabbey, Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Gallery organ, three manuals and pedal, 51 stops, 72 ranks. For information: https://buzardorgans.com/buzard-opus-40/

Damin Spritzer is assistant professor of qrgan at the University of Oklahoma with the American Organ Institute. She continues to work with the Cathedral Church of Saint Matthew in Dallas as artist-in-residence for Cathedral Arts, and was recently adjunct professor at the University of North Texas teaching organ literature and sacred music. She serves on the board of directors for the Leupold Foundation, dedicated to the preservation of pipe organ music and culture, and is active in the Dallas and Southern Plains Chapters of the American Guild of Organists in various roles.

For information: https://www.daminspritzer.com/