Privacy Policy

Scranton Gillette Communications, Inc. (SGC) understands the importance of your privacy and that is why protecting the personal information you, our users, submit is a priority. SGC developed its privacy policy with you in mind to protect your privacy concerns as well as address our legitimate business interests with the use and collection of information.

Please review the entire policy and contact us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns. This policy may change periodically so check back with us.

SGC's Collection of User Information

User information provided to us is obtained by

  • Personal information (e.g., name, e-mail address, mailing address, industry, occupation) that you supply when subscribing to, registering for or purchasing products and services through our Web sites.
  • Activity and preference tracking information (SGC utilizes cookies* and other aggregate activity logging to track this activity.)
  • Information regarding your interests.

Other than what the user supplies us, SGC does not research or acquire any additional information that the user is not willing to give freely. Fairly common on the WWW is the tracking of user sessions while remaining anonymous, allowing private browsing and the submission of personal information. IP addresses also are not linked to any personal information although each site does log IP addresses and browser types for administration purposes. Registering with us will give you the opportunity to utilize our sites' products and services while allowing us to remain updated on your interests. All of SGC's sites offer links to other Web sites, which we encourage you to utilize, but be sure to read their privacy policies for changes from ours. Advertisers, sponsors and any other sites that may link to our sites are administered and provided by advertisers, sponsors or other sites and are not controlled by SGC. * Cookie: A small amount of data sent from a web server to a browser to be stored on that computer's hard drive. Cookies make SGC able to track your interests as well as remember your user password. Individual cookies can track a site’s collective views, allowing us to learn what our users are interested in. Most web browsers accept cookies but they can be turned off at the risk of debilitating your access to certain features on the sites. (Personal information cannot be stored with cookies.)

SGC's Use of Personal Information

Personal information collected by SGC and stored in its databases is used for future contact. Uses may include new products and services, site updates, status of orders, etc. Data collected from cookies and browser identification provides the user's demographic information so SGC can make improvements to its sites as well as better customize it to our audiences. Personal information also may be used for purposes such as editorial, marketing and promotions, product development, tracking hits, etc.

Sharing Information With Third Parties

SGC may share volunteered personal information to third parties who provide products and services that SGC believes users would be interested in purchasing or receiving more information about. You are given the ability to "opt-out" of third party information sharing. By not selecting to opt-out, you give SGC permission to provide personal information as part of our visitor and subscriber lists for each such third party to use if we believe subscribers would be interested in receiving an e-mail or other written correspondence from any such third party. To protect the rights of SGC and our users, SGC will provide personal information if the law requires, despite the opt-out option.

SGC may share information collected from cookies and other browser technology or IP addresses to aid our advertisers in tracking users' needs and interests as well as the advertisers reach.

Users Right to Opt-Out

Should you, the user, wish to opt-out, just select the opt-out option whenever asked, to be sure your personal information will not be made available or used by third parties. You, the user, also have the option to opt-out by sending a letter or e-mail stating that you want to opt-out of any third party mailings.

All requests should be sent to
Privacy Manager
3030 W. Salt Creek Lane, Suite 201
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005-5025.
[email protected]

All requested updates would be made as soon as possible with the understanding by the user that third parties may continue their contact up until that time.

Updating Personal Information

If any of your personal information has changed and you would like to keep our records updated, please contact [email protected]. All requests and changes will be followed up with an e-mail to let the user know that these changes were made.

Children's Privacy

Protecting the privacy of children is very important to SGC and that is why we hold the policy of not collecting information through our sites from children we know are under 13. We have designed our Web sites for users over the age of 13 and no products are services are intended for use by users under that age.

Security Features

Our purpose of our Web sites is to create a forum for discussions, information and links to other industry sources. Although Web security is not perfect yet and we cannot guarantee security of information in transmission via sites and e-mails, we are working to offer the user a reliable and secure resource.

We cannot guarantee information being transmitted via the Internet, but all personal information is secure once SGC has received it. Only authorized personnel have access to the users' personal information once it is in the SGC databases.

All correspondence should be sent to SGC, Privacy Manager
3030 W. Salt Creek Lane, Suite 201
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005-5025; [email protected]