World Library Publications 1957 recording

November 26, 2017
The Bible Story of Christmas, Narrated by Bing Crosby

World Library Publications announces the rerelease of its 1957 recording, The Bible Story of Christmas, Narrated by Bing Crosby, with Traditional Carols in Gospel Sequence Sung by the Bonaventura Choir.

Bing Crosby recorded his narration of the Gospel of Luke, 2:4–20, on August 6, 1956, at the request of Omer Westendorf, founder of World Library of Sacred Music, then in Cincinnati, Ohio. The music on the album was arranged by Han Van Koert, and organ background music was played by Betty Zins Reiber, a longtime editor at World Library. The original album was released in December 1957 with a retail price of $4.98 for an LP. A thousand copies were ordered.

After discovering this recording in their vault, WLP felt it was time to share the recording with the world again. Original tapes have been remastered. The reading of the Christmas Gospel by Bing Crosby has never been used in any of his other works. CD, 007403, $10.00; vinyl LP, 007405, $25.00.

Order from or call 1-800/566-6150. Also available at