Lewtak Trompette de Gabriel

January 17, 2021
Trompette de Gabriel
Trompette de Gabriel

Lewtak Pipe Organ Builders, Inc., has added a new horizontal trumpet, "Trompette de Gabriel," to the Möller organ at Haymount United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  The project included making new pipes, building new electro-pneumatic windchests, designing and manufacturing a high-pressure winding system, and connecting the new rank to the existing organ. The new trumpet has been installed on the pillars between the stained glass windows, in the back of the church. The pipes are made of 92% tin and they play on 12 inches of wind pressure.

Lewtak is in the process of a total overhaul of this organ. The project started in early March 2020, but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, its completion has been delayed. Haymount United Methodist Church is home to a venerable 1975 M. P. Möller Opus 11011; three manuals, four divisions, 35 stops, 43 registers, 46 ranks, and 2,603 pipes. 

For information: 336/554-2251, www.lewtak.com.


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