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Fruhauf Music complimentary scores

January 14, 2022
Orison on Rock of Ages
Orison on Rock of Ages

Fruhauf Music Publications announces new complimentary PDF scores to be featured from January through August. Opening the new year is a verse setting for organ, Orison on Rock of Ages, an American hymntune dating from 1832. A three-verse hymn for organ and unison voices, Sing the Waters Ever Flowing, will be available in February.

Beginning in March, publications will include Variations on Wondrous Love; in April, Bach Birthday Album with five transcriptions and arrangements of familiar compositions; Fantasy on Down Ampney will appear in May; and a Handel harp concerto transcription for June, all for solo organ. July will feature arrangements for carillon of three traditional American anthem tunes, while in August there will be an organ transcription of a Vivaldi concerto for lute and strings.

All upcoming PDF files will be available on a monthly basis through the online home page. Numerous complimentary issues from previous seasons continue to be accessible.

For information: frumuspub.net.


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