ATOS convention rescheduled to 2021

March 20, 2020
ATOS convention rescheduled
ATOS convention rescheduled

The American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS) has rescheduled their annual convention to July of 2021, in Indianapolis.

The 2021 convention will follow this schedule:
Preglow, July 5
Convention, July 6–9
Afterglow, July 10

The convention committee is working to maintain the same convention itinerary. Any changes will be announced as necessary. On a positive note, the committee hopes to include the Lerner Theatre in Elkhart, Indiana, featuring an original and beautifully restored Kimball theatre pipe organ. This venue couldn’t be included in 2020 as it was fully booked for a Broadway style performance.

New hotel reservation links will be distributed soon. In the meantime, The Westin hotel has been extremely cooperative. They will cancel all existing reservations.

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