Organ Projects

April 1, 2019

Wicks Organ Company, Highland, Illinois

Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon, North Jackson, Ohio

Wicks Opus 5809 was originally built for Trinity Evangelical Free Church, Holdrege, Nebraska. It was designed by their guest organist, Leon Nelson, in close consultation with the Green and Kohler Company, who represented the Wicks Organ Company of Highland, Illinois. The organ, commissioned in 1980, consisted of two manuals, fifteen ranks of pipes.

In 2017, due to the changing needs of the congregation along with a planned expansion of the church, the organ became available. At the same time, Wicks Organ Company was working with Chorbishop Anthony Spinosa to provide an organ that would complement the worship space of the Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon, North Jackson, Ohio. Realizing the potential Opus 5809 had to meet the expectations of the shrine, Wicks Organ Company renovated and relocated the organ to its new home. Creativity, coupled with an innovative design, led to the addition of two ranks of pipes: a 16′ Open Wood to the Pedal and an 8′ Oboe in the Swell. In addition, the wood pipes were painted by Wicks to complement their new surroundings. The result of the transformation was noted in the words of Chorbishop Spinosa as he communicated to Wicks Organ Company, “The instrument makes a truly grand sound and fills the Basilica with wonderful music to praise Almighty God.”

GREAT (enclosed)

8′ Principal (61 pipes)

8′ Bourdon (73 pipes)

8′ Viole d’Gamba (Sw)

8′ Viole Celeste (Sw)

4′ Octave (61 pipes)

4′ Bourdon (ext 8′)

III–IV Plein Jeu (226 pipes)


8′ Trompette (Sw)


SWELL (enclosed)

8′ Rohr Flute (61 pipes)

8′ Viole d’Gamba (61 pipes)

8′ Viole Celeste (61 pipes)

4′ Prestant (61 pipes)

4′ Spillfloete (61 pipes)

22⁄3′ Nazard (ext 8′, 19 pipes)

2′ Octavin (61 pipes)

8′ Trompette (73 pipes)

8′ Oboe (61 pipes, from stock)

4′ Clairon (ext 8′)



16′ Open Wood (32 pipes, from stock)*

16′ Contra Viole (56 pipes)*

16′ Bourdon (ext Gt, 12 pipes)

8′ Principal (ext 16′ Contra Viole)*

8′ Bourdon (Gt)

4′ Choralbass (ext 16′ Contra Viole)

16′ Contra Trompette (12 pipes)

8′ Trompette (Sw)


Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Great to Great 16

Great Unison Off

Great to Great 4

Swell to Great 16

Swell to Great 8

Swell to Great 4

Swell to Swell 16

Swell to Swell 4

* exposed pipework

Builder’s website:

Shrine website:

Photo credit: Ron Goulish (Basilica Shrine)