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Nunc dimittis: Robert Leftwich, Thad Outerbridge

March 18, 2024

Robert Eugene Leftwich

Robert Eugene Leftwich died January 13, 2024. He was born July 2, 1940, in Texas and grew up in Longmont, Colorado. He attended Baylor University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 1963. He earned a master’s degree from Northern Illinois University in 1970 and a doctorate in nursing education in 1977 from Clayton University, St. Louis, Missouri.

Leftwich worked as an oncology nurse at Baylor University Hospital, Dallas, Texas, and taught at Governors State University in Illinois. He was also a vocalist and organist and would serve as a full-time organist and choir director until his retirement in 2005 in Augusta, Georgia. A United States Air Force veteran, Robert Eugene Leftwich was interred at Westover Memorial Gardens in a private ceremony.

Thaddeus Howard Haycock Outerbridge ("Thad")

Thaddeus Howard Haycock Outerbridge (“Thad”) of Beverly, Massachusetts, died February 4. Born December 12, 1937, in Paget, Bermuda, he came to the United States to attend Boston University, Massachusetts, in 1958. He returned permanently in 1964 to pursue his lifelong interest in the pipe organ and its construction, renovation, and repair, working with David Cogswell at the Berkshire Organ Company. In 1968 he moved to Beverly and opened his own company, Thad H. H. Outerbridge, LLC, located in Bermuda and the United States. His work included renovating the organ at All Saints Episcopal Church, Ashmont (Dorchester), Massachusetts. He and his business partner Armando Furtado renovated the console for the Casavant Frères organ at Boston University’s Marsh Chapel in 2004. In addition to renovation, relocation, and rebuilding of existing organs he built two instruments of his own design—one at Second Congregational Church and the other First Baptist Church of Beverly. Outerbridge joined with his business partner Armando Furtado to create Outerbridge Organs, LLC, of which Armando is now sole owner.

Memorial gifts for Thaddeus Howard Haycock Outerbridge may be made to Hospice House, 78 Liberty Street, Danvers, Massachusetts 01923. A memorial service was held March 16 at St. Peter’s Church, Beverly. He will be buried at Holy Trinity Church, Baileys Bay, Bermuda.

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