New Organs

May 1, 2013

Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders, Bellwood, Illinois

Trinity Lutheran Church, 

Auburn, Ilinois

Located a few miles southwest of Springfield, Illinois, Trinity Lutheran Church is home to a new organ consisting of pipe resources from a 1958 Casavant, Opus 2490 (II/9), which was expanded by adding a new 8 Trumpet and Mixture II–III to increase tonal flexibility. Originally installed in a large space, the organ had to be completely reconfigured in order to fit in to the compact accommodations that were available on the left side of the chancel. Swell and Pedal pipes are located in a pipe chamber, and Great pipes are located on a chest that is cantilevered into the nave.  

Great pipes were revoiced on 70mm wind pressure in order to compensate for the change in environment from the previous location. Existing flue pipes were voiced mildly with generous toe diameters, and the added mixture was scaled and voiced to add brilliance with a “reedy” quality, in the absence of a proper Great reed. Open wood pipes of the Great 8 Hohlflöte (Melodia) were revoiced with lower cut-ups in order to give the stop some light articulation on the new wind pressure. The existing console was updated to include a new solid-state switching system, which includes record/playback capabilities, as well as MIDI input. Used primarily for the accompaniment of hymns and choir anthems, this organ is the first pipe organ for Trinity.   

Scott Riedel of Scott R. Riedel & Associates in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, served as consultant for the project. The organ was formally heard in recital in December 2011, with Berghaus’s tonal director Jonathan Oblander as organist. 

—Kelly Monette and 

Jonathan Oblander


Photo credit: Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders


Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders

Trinity Lutheran Church, Auburn, Illinois


8 Principal

8 Hohlflöte

4 Octave

4 Offenflöte (ext, 8 Hohlflöte)

2 Fifteenth (ext, 4Octave)

11⁄3 Mixture II–III

8 Trumpet (Swell)


16 Lieblich Gedeckt (TC, from 8)

8 Geigen Principal

8 Stopped Diapason

8 Geigen Celeste (TC, prepared)

4 Octave (ext, 8Geigen Principal)

4 Kleingedackt (ext, 8Stpd Diap)

22⁄3 Nasard (prepared)

2 Flageolet

13⁄5 Tierce (prepared)

1 Sifflöte (ext, 2Flageolet)

8 Trumpet


16 Bourdon (ext, Sw 8Stpd Diap)

8 Principal (Gt)

8 Violone (Sw Geigen Principal)

8 Bourdon (Sw Stopped Diapason)

4 Choralbass (Gt)

4 Hohlflötenbass (Gt)

16 Contra Trumpet (ext, Sw)

8 Trumpet (Sw)

4 Clarion (Sw)


27 stops, 13 ranks, 811 pipes


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