New Organs

March 1, 2013

Mander Organs, 

London, England

The Mansion House Organ


Although initially for the Mansion House, this instrument is destined to replace the Snetzler organ in the Lady Chapel at Westminster Abbey. It will move there towards the end of 2013. The organ is a gift to Her Majesty the Queen in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee from the Lord Mayor and the Corporation of London.

The case design is based loosely on case designs of 18th-century English chamber organs, but that is where any similarity to such instruments ceases. The dimensions of the organ were dictated by where it will reside in the Mansion House and Westminster Abbey. With exception of the blower, keys, and small action parts, the organ was constructed entirely in the Mander Organs workshops in Bethnal Green. It is built on a steel chassis (also made in the works), which has been fitted with four casters provided with suspension to make the instrument moveable. The design and manufacture of the instrument has taken six months and almost 5,000 man hours to construct. The front pipes are gilded using French Red gold leaf.

—John Mander


Mander Organs

The Mansion House Organ, 

   London, England



8 Open Diapason

8 Stopped Diapason

4 Principal

2 Fifteenth

1 Mixture II

8 Trumpet

Manual II to Manual I


8 Gedackt

4 Chimney Flute

2 Recorder

22⁄3 Sesquialtera II

8 Trumpet


16 Bourdon

Manual I to Pedal

Manual II to Pedal


Drum or Thunder Pedal

Nightingale with revolving birds

Kellner temperament




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