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January 18, 2013

Brian Swager is carillon editor of THE DIAPASON.


The Petit and Fritsen Bellfoundry delivered a new mobile carillon to the city of Belgorod, Russia. With 51 bells, the carillon has a compass from B-flat to D. Every year in Prokhorovka, approximately 40 kilometers from Belgorod, a significant combat operation between Germany and Russia is commemorated.  A large number of tanks were destroyed in this “world’s greatest tank battle,” which also resulted in many casualties. The battle was a principal turning point in World War II. The carillon is intended to be used in an annual remembrance of the battle. The original plan was to install the carillon in the tower, but they opted for a mobile carillon so that it could be used for a wider variety of events.

Ottawa Dominion Carillonneur Andrea McCrady hosted the 2012 Percival Price Symposium at the Peace Tower carillon. The annual symposium celebrates the legacy of performance, teaching, and campanology of Percival Price, Canada’s first Dominion Carillonneur from 1927 to 1939. Guest artist for the September 2012 symposium was George Gregory.


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