1999 In Review--An Index

January 16, 2003

Alain, Jehan. See Dzuris.


Apple, Warren. New Organ Music. Mar 11, May 13, July 13, Aug 12, Oct 11-12, Dec 12-13

Art of Fugue. See Kellner.


Bach. See Kellner, Shay.

Baggia, Aldo J. In the footsteps of Gottfried Silbermann. Aug 13-14†*

Beck, Charles. The Trials, Tribulations and Joys of an Organist on Tour. July 16-19*

Binford, Jeff. New Organ Music. July 13

____________.  New Recordings. May 10, 12, June 10, 12

Book Reviews. See Hartman, Huestis, Marigold, Simmons.

Brown, David Burton. 80th Birthday Tribute----Heinz Wunderlich. Apr 18*

Buzard, John-Paul. Reminiscences of Henry Willis 4. Part 1. Sept 14-15*             

    Part 2. Oct 16-18


Canadian Organbuilding. See Hartman.

Carillon Calendar. June 6-7

Carillon Music. See Swager.

Carillon News. See Swager.

Choral Music. See McCray, Smith.

Coleberd, R.E. The Economics of Pipe Organ Building. It's Time To Tell the     Story. Jan 14-17 #

Collins, Paul. The north German organ school of the Baroque: "diligent fantasy makers." + Nov 14-17

Conferences, Conventions, Workshops, Festivals

    Albert Schweitzer Organ Festival/USA, by David Spicer.* Nov 13

    Catharine Crozier at Illinois College, by David W. Shane. July 8*

    East Carolina Religious Arts Festival, by Keith Nash. May 8, 10

    Improvisation Symposium----Eastern Michigan University, by Susan Craig.   June 7

    SEHKS Conclave in London, by Lilian P. Pruett.* Nov 17-18

    The 43rd Annual Convention of the Organ Historical Society. Denver, June     

        21-27, 1998, by Malcolm Wechsler. Feb 19-23*

    The Organ in the New Millennium: Pacific Lutheran University, April 8-12,          

        by Herbert Huestis. July 14-15*

    21st Annual Organ Conference--University of Nebraska-Lincoln, by Marcia Van Oyen. Apr 16-18

    University of Michigan Historic Organ Tour XXXVIII, by Marian Archibald. 

        Feb 14*

    University of Michigan 1998 Organ Conference, by Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra.

       Mar 18*


Dean, Ronald E. New Recordings. Dec 11

Duncan, Miriam Clapp. See Hughes.

Durman, Bernard. New Recordings. Jan 8, 10, Feb 10, 12

Dzuris, Linda. Six French organs and the registration indications in L'Oeuvre d'orgue de Jehan Alain. June 16-18† #


Economics of Pipe Organ Building. See Coleberd.

Editor's Notebook. Mar 2, Apr 2, May 2, Dec 2

Ellis, Laura. New Organ Music. Jan 12,  Feb 12,  May 12-13, Dec 12


Gasparini, Francesco. See Sloane.


Handbell Music. See Nelson.

Harpsichord News. See Palmer.

Hartman, James B. Book Reviews. Jan 8, Apr 10, June 8, 10, July 10-11,  Aug 10-11,  Sept 11-12, Dec 10-11

_________________. Canadian Organbuilding, Part 1. May 16-18. Part 2, June 14-15

Holland, Jon. New Organ Music. Nov 12

Holt, Earl. New Organ Music. Jan 10-12

_________.  New Recordings. Apr 12,  Oct 8, 10

Horning, Joseph. See Neenan, Rosales.

Huestis, Herbert L. Book Review. Nov 11

_________________. From European Training to American Organ Building: Following the Career of Martin Pasi. Mar 14-15*

_________________. New Recordings. Apr 12

_________________. Project 2000 makes Y2K deadline. June 12

Hughes, Sarah Mahler. An Interview with Miriam Clapp Duncan. Oct 14-15 *

_____________________. New Organ Music. Apr 12, May 13, July 13, Aug 12, Sept 12-13

_____________________. New Recordings. Mar 10-11, Sept 10-11


Kellner, Herbert Anton. How Bach encoded his name into Die Kunst der Fuge together with his tuning. May 14-15+


Letters to the Editor. Feb 2, Mar 12-13, Apr 2, June 2, July 2, Aug 6, Sept 2, Oct 2

List, Ken W. Lawrence I. Phelps 1922-1999: A Tribute. June 13

Looking Back: Diapason Retrospective. Dec 14-15

Lowry, David. New Recordings. June 10, Oct 10-11


Marigold, W.G. Book Reviews. Mar 10

______________. New Recordings. Jan 10, Feb 12,  May 12,  June 12, July 12-13, Aug 11-12, Sept 11, Nov 10-11

McCray, James. Music for Voices & Organ. Jan 6, Feb 8, 10,  Mar 8, 10,  Apr 8, 10, May 10, June 8, July 11-12,  Aug 8, Sept 8, 10, Oct 7-8, Nov 6, 8, Dec 8, 10

Millennium. See Huestis.

Music for Voices & Organ. See McCray.


Neenan, Thomas. Joseph Horning--In Memoriam. Feb 4, 6*

Neighbarger, Randy L. New Recordings. Dec 11-12

Nelson, Leon. New Handbell Music. Jan 12, May 13, Sept 13, Oct 13, Nov 12, Dec 13

New Carillon Music. See Swager.

New Choral Music. See Smith.

New Organ Music. See Apple, Binford, Ellis, Holland, Holt, Hughes, Rigler, Schou.

New Recordings. See Binford, Dean, Durman,  Holt, Huestis, Hughes, Lowry, Marigold,  Neighbarger, Wyly.

North German Organ Music. See Collins.


Organ Design. See Van Oyen.

Organ Recitals. Jan 22-23,  Feb 28-29, Mar 23-25, Apr 23-25, May 23-24, June 23-24, July 15, 23-24, Aug 19-20, Sept 13, 24, Oct 23-24, Nov 23-24, Dec 27-28


Palmer, Larry. Harpsichord News. May 8, July 10, Aug 7-8, Dec 8

Pasi, Martin. See Huestis.

Phelps, Lawrence. See List.

Project 2000. See Huestis.


Rigler, Ann Marie. New Organ Music. Oct 12-13, Nov 11-12, Dec 13

Rosales, Manuel J. Joseph Horning--In Memoriam. Feb 4*


Schoenberg, Arnold. See Swedlund.

Schou, Larry. New Organ Music. May 13, Oct 13

Schübler Chorales. See Shay.

Shay, Edmund. The Schübler Chorales & The Numbers Game. Sept 16-17+

Silbermann. See Baggia.

Simmons, Morgan. Book Review. Feb 10

Sloan, Carl. Francesco Gasparini's Twenty-One Keys: Do they reflect the use of meantone? Jan 13-14#

Smith, Rollin. New Choral Music. Sept 10

Spong, Jon. Firmin Swinnen: An American Legend. Dec 16-17*

Swager. Brian. Carillon News. Jan 6, Feb 6-8,* Mar 8, Apr 7-8,*  May 6, 8,* July 8, 10,* Aug 6-7,* Sept 6, 8, Nov 6,* Dec 7-8

_____________. New Carillon Music. Oct 6-7

Swedlund, Ronald J. A Performer's Guide to Schoenberg's Opus 40. Part 1. Mar 16-18. Part 2, Apr 14-15

Swinnen, Firmin. See Spong.


Tuning. See Sloane.


Van Oyen, Marcia. The Post-Modern Fusion Style. Harbinger of 21st Century Directions. Dec 18-21*


Willis, Henry Willis 4. See Buzard.

Wunderlich, Heinz. See Brown.

Wyly, James. New Recordings. Nov 8, 10


Y2K. See Huestis.


Arnold, Jeffrey,* to Heritage Congregational, Madison, WI. Sept 3

Austin, Kimberlee J.,* to President of Austin Organ Company. May 3

Bara, Thomas,* to Assistant Organist,   St. Thomas Church, New York City. July 3

Bohlert, Thomas,* to Operations Manager, Truckenbrod Concert Artists. Nov 3

Brown, David Burton,* to Idlewild Presbyterian, Memphis, TN. Apr 3

Brugh, Lorraine,* to Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN. Dec 3

Buchanan, Bruce Q.,* to Vice President & Tonal Director of Austin Organ Company. May 3

Cleveland, Douglas,* to Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. Oct 3

Craighead, David, to Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY. Sept 3

Dodson, Robert K., to Oberlin College Conservatory, Oberlin, OH. Oct 3

Engels, Stefan,* to Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ.  Sept 3

Farr, Stephen,* to Guildford Cathedral, England. July 3

Faucher, Robert,* to Curator, Kotzschmar Memorial Organ, Portland, ME. June 3

Foster, Stewart Wayne,* to Associate Organist/Artist in Residence, First (Scots) Presbyterian, Charleston, SC. July 3

Freese, Faythe,* to Concordia University, Austin, TX. Apr 3

Gyllsdorff, Gregory*, to Trinity-by-the-Cove Episcopal, Naples, FL. Dec 3

Hackett, Andrew,* to Organ Scholar, University of St Thomas, St Paul, MN. Nov 3

Hubbell, Brent,* to First United Methodist, Marion, VA. July 3

Johansen, Amy,* to University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia. Feb 3

Lawrie, David, to St John's Episcopal, Huntingdon, MD. Oct 3

Leaver, S. Christopher,* to Director

   of Public Relations, Reuter Organ

   Company, Lawrence, KS. Aug 3

Mellichamp, James F.,* to Dean of

   School of Arts & Sciences, Piedmont

   College, Demorest, GA. Feb 3

Miller, Dan,* to Rodgers Instruments LLC. Dec 3

Morlock, John W.,* to tonal director,  Andover Organ Company. Mar 3

Newton, Robert C.,* to tonal director,  Andover Organ Company. Mar 3

O'Donnell, James,* to Westminster Abbey, London, England. Aug 3

Page, Daniel Bennett, to St Stephen's Parish, Pittsfield, MA. Oct 3

Pardee, Katharine, to Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY. Sept 3

Perry, Chad,* to Rodgers Instruments LLC. Dec 3

Peterson, Gregory,* to President of Association of Lutheran Church Musicians. Oct 3

Preston, Simon, re-appointed Artistic Director of The Royal Bank Calgary Festival. Aug 3

Quinn, Iain,* to Trinity Episcopal, Hartford, CT. Apr 3

Robinson, Dana, to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Oct 3

Sedun-Ulyanovsky, Natasha,* to Gloria Dei Lutheran, Forestville, CT. Nov 3

Tate, Ken, to First Presbyterian, Mankato, MN. May 3

Teardo, Frederick,* to Schweitzer Scholar, First Church of Christ, Wethersfield, CT. Apr 3

Teel, Christopher B.,* to Organ Scholar, Truro Cathedral, Cornwall, England. Aug 3

Thallander, Mark,* to Glendale Presbyterian, Glendale, CA. June 3

Triplett, Robert,* to University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. Sept 3

Visser, Larry, to LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed, Grand Rapids, MI. Nov 3

Vozzella, Thomas R.,* to St Paul's Episcopal, Franklin, TN. Nov 3

Wagner, David,* to Madonna University, Livonia, MI. Mar 3

Zachacz, Thomas,* to Union Church, Pocantico Hills, NY. Feb 3

Honors and Competitions

Alain, Marie-Claire,* receives AGO Lifetime Achievement Award. Nov 3

Bastien, James & Jane, receive MTNA Achievement Award. Oct 3

Batastini, Robert J., named Music Director Emeritus, St. Joseph Roman Catholic, Downers Grove, IL. July 3

Beck, Janice,* receives Alumni Achievement in Music Arts Award. June 3-4

Belcher, Diane Meredith,* receives Outstanding Keyboard Performance award. May 3

Boyter, Mabel Stewart, awarded honorary DMA. May 3

Bratt, C. Griffith,* honored at retirement. June 4

Broome, David A.J.,* honored at Austin Organs. Feb 3

Bruch, Delores,* honored on retirement at Univ of Iowa. Dec 3

Craighead, David,* plays 75th birthday recital. Mar 3-4.

Crozier, Catharine,* plays 85th birthday recital. Mar 3-4

Deák, Lázló, wins prize in interpretation, Marchal Competition, Biarritz, France. June 3

Dunn, Wallace M. honored by Wichita AGO Chapter. Jan 3

Everhart, Ian,* wins Vernon deTar Scholarship Competition. Aug 4

Fahrer, Nicole, wins 25th annual Bowling Green Organ Competition. May 3

Gillock, Jon,* named Performer of the Year. Sept 3

Gran, Sarah,* wins first prize in 1999 Ottumwa Organ Competition. July 3

Hancock, Gerre,* receives honorary DMA from University of the South, Sewanee, TN. July 4; receives New York City AGO recognition. Aug 4

Hines, Lurley Whitty, celebrates 86 years as organist at Pollocksville Baptist Church. Mar 4

Joseph, Jeremy, wins second prize in Dublin Competition. Dec 3

Kwak, Tong-Soon,* elected President of the Korean Association of Organists. June 4

Kotylo, Andrew J.,* wins Arthur Poister Competition. June 3

Leach, Richard, wins Macalester-Plymouth Hymn Writing Contest. May 3

Locklair, Dan, awarded North Carolina Arts Council Artist Fellowship. Nov 4

Lord, Robert Sutherland,* named Professor of Music Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh, PA. July 4

Marks, Christopher,* wins Arthur Poister Competition. Jan 2

Martin, Béatrice, wins Bruges harpsichord competition. Mar 3

Oldengarm, Jonathan, wins third prize in Dublin Competition. Dec 3

O'Neill, Shane Douglas, wins first prize in Dublin Competition. Dec 3

Rigot, Vincent, wins first prize in improvisation, Marchal Competition, Biarritz, France. July 3

Steigler, Lou R.,* honored on 40th anniversary. Apr 4

Thurman, Frederick, awarded DMA degree. Sept 4

Travers, Aaron J., wins AGO/ECS Publishing Award. Aug 4

Weir, Gillian,* receives Albert Schweitzer medal. Feb 4

Wetzler, Robert, granted ASCAP award. Sept 4


Brooks, Gordon, W. Apr 6

Brown, Rayner.* Oct 6

De Tar, Vernon. Dec 6

Farris, Michael.*May 6

Guerra, Laeta Wentworth. Jan 4

Hansen, Edward. Feb 4

Heaps, Porter Warrington. July 6

Hofrichter, Joseph. Oct 6

Holmes, James. Mar 6

Horning, Joseph.* Feb 4

Israel, Michael.* Dec 6

Kean, Patricia "June". Apr 6

Martin, Madeleine Sue Henderson  Seid, Mar 6     

Matthews, Thomas. July 6

Phelps, Lawrence I.* Apr 6

Rayfield, Robert.* Dec 6-7

Shaw, Robert. Mar 6

Steed, Graham. July 8

Strahle, Arthur.* Sept 4

Worth, Ted Alan. Apr 7

Young, Gordon.* Mar 6

Organ Stoplists


     First Congregational, Rutland, MA. 2/19 tracker,* May 20

     Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, PA. 1/4 tracker,* July 19

     Trinity Lutheran, Reading, PA. 1/4 tracker, July 19

     Northfield Mount Hermon School, Northfield, MA. 2/38,* Sept 19



     St Andrew's Roman Catholic, Columbus, OH. 3/48,* Sept 20



     Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Chapel, Lincoln, NE. 2/5 tracker,* Apr 20

     St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Omaha, NE. 2/23 tracker,* Aug 16



     St. Raphael the Archangel,  Naperville, IL. 3/58,* Oct 1, 18



     Feild Residence, Fork Union, VA. 1/5 tracker,* Oct 19



     St George's Episcopal, Belleville, IL. 2/32,* Apr 1, 19

     Glenview Community Church, Glenview, IL. 3/69,* Dec 1, 22 



     Port Madison Lutheran, Bainbridge Island, WA. 2/22 tracker, * Mar 20.



     Eastminster Presbyterian, East Lansing, MI. 2/19 tracker,* Sept 20

     Wartburg College, Waverly, IA. 2/32 tracker,* Nov 20



     St. James's Episcopal, Richmond, VA. 3/62 tracker,* May 1, 19



     Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA.  3/80 tracker,* June 1, 19



     Immanual Lutheran, Pflugerville, TX. 2/16,* June 20



    Congregation EmanuEl, New York, NY. 3/53,* Dec 23


Harrison & Harrison

     St. James Episcopal, Hendersonville, NC. 3/48,* Dec 24



     Kay/MacBird Residence, Brentwood, CA. 2/26 tracker,* July 1, 20



     Wayzata Community Church, Wayzata, MN. 4/70 tracker,* Jan 1, 17-18



     First United Methodist, Eugene, OR. 3/43,* Oct 19



     St Christopher's by-the-River, Gates Mills, OH. 2/18 tracker,* July 20


J.C. Taylor (Hinners)

Immanuel Lutheran, Tigerton, WI. 1/6,* Jan 4



Trinity Ev Lutheran, Richmond, VA. 2/22 tracker,* Aug 1, 15


Lewis & Hitchcock

Christ Episcopal, Gordonsville, VA. 2/15,* Apr 18



Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Little Rock, AR. 4/82,* Nov 1, 19



The Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow, Sleepy Hollow, NY.  2/19 tracker,* June 20

Christ Church Episcopal, Hudson, OH. 2/24 tracker,* Oct 20


Orgues Létourneau

First Baptist, Kalamazoo, MI. 3/57 tracker,* Feb 1, 23-24

St Ann's Catholic Church, Washington, DC. 3/61,* Aug 16



St. Dunstan's Episcopal, Atlanta, GA. 2/6, May 20



West Vancouver United Church, West Vancouver, British Columbia. 2/38 tracker,* Mar 1, 19



Bethany Ev Lutheran, Kenosha, WI. 2/22,* May 20



St Therese Parish, Deephaven, MN. 3/51,* Sept 1, 18



 Calvary Lutheran, Bellevue, WA. 2/15,* Nov 20

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