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Kathleen Scheide

February 15, 2023
Kathleen Scheide

Kathleen Scheide has concertized as an organ and harpsichord soloist throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Russia, the Far East and Caribbean. She has received touring artist grants from the Arkansas Arts Council, California Arts Council, the American Embassies in Prague and Vienna, and the Czech Embassy in St. Petersburg. Dr. Scheide regularly performs as an orchestral harpsichordist, and on historic keyboards with various chamber music ensembles.

Dr. Scheide earned degrees in early music (with honors) and organ performance (organ department prize) at New England Conservatory and the University of Southern California. Her teachers have included John Gibbons and Cherry Rhodes.

She is organist/music director at Church of the Loving Shepherd, West Chester, Pennsylvania, and teaches piano at Rowan College at Burlington County; piano, organ and harpsichord at Settlement Music School; and harpsichord at Westminster Choir College.

In previous church positions, she has overseen the restoration, expansion or relocation of organs by Giles Beach, George Jardine, E.M. Skinner, and others. The Wissinger organ at Church of the Loving Shepherd was also recently reworked by Halbert Gober.

A Founding Member of various early keyboard societies, Dr. Scheide is a frequent volunteer for the Philadelphia Chapter, American Guild of Organists. She currently serves on the program committee, and as calendar coordinator. She is a Past Dean of the San Diego Chapter.

Dr. Scheide is also a published composer with a significant discography. Her compositions have been made available through Darcey Press, E.C. Schirmer, Piano Press, Time Warner, Wayne Leupold and World Library. Her recordings are available on Dutch HLM, Organ Historical Society, Palatine and Raven labels. Dr. Scheide writes on commission.

For information: https://www.kathleenscheide.com/

View her video of the Töpfer Concert Variations at: https://www.thediapason.com/videos/kathleen-scheide-plays-topfer-concert-variations