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Two Baroque compositions

April 1, 2024
Two Baroque compositions
Two Baroque compositions

Fruhauf Music Publications will present two keyboard compositions from European Baroque repertory. 

Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck’s Five Variations on the Dance Tune, Balletto del Granduca, offers an opportunity to exploit the generous resources of the pipe organ of the era, including such features as multiple manuals to facilitate registrational contrasts and echoes. 

From the clavier repertoire of Jean-Baptiste Loeillet [aka ‘the London Loeillet’], a Suite in F-Major provides a series of charming traditional dance movements composed for harpsichord; they are presented here in an edited format that includes occasional echoes of repeated phrases. 

For these newly republished scores, please consult www.frumuspub.net for access to this and many other unusual works for organ solo, choir and organ, and for carillon, all available on a complimentary basis.

Also, scroll down to "Download" for a PDF of the complete score.

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