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Toccata on Vigiles et Sancti

October 31, 2022
Toccata on Vigiles et Sancti
Toccata on Vigiles et Sancti

Toccata on Vigiles et Sancti, a jubilantly expressive ‘free-for-all’ in which a familiar hymn tune, known by its alternate German title, Lasst uns erfreuen, and also by its English hymn title as ‘Ye watchers and ye holy ones,’ is being offered by Fruhauf Music Publications as a complimentary PDF booklet.

Available in November of this year, this quasi-virtuoso setting for organ will provide a stirring and celebratory postlude, but it is equally suitable for recital and concert occasions.

Please visit www.frumuspub.net to download this and countless other scores for organ solo, carillon (solo or duet), and also for choir and organ ensembles. Be sure to consult FMP’s Complimentary Downloads page for a listing of all available publications. Please note: as a rare treat, the carillon listings include a number of .wav sound files that offer sonic renditions realized by a Garritan harp sound font.

View the complete score below under "Download."

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