Primal Light (Urlicht), The Symphonic Organ

August 3, 2020

Raven imports for sale in America Primal Light (Urlicht), The Symphonic Organ, a program of transcriptions played by Kensuke Ohira on the 119-rank organ built in 2014 at the cathedral in Hildesheim, Germany, by the famed Seifert firm of Kevelaer.

Works include Mendelssohn: Mvt. 4 Ein feste Burg . . . from Symphony No. 5 Reformation; Liszt: Orpheus Symphonic Poem; Mahler: Mvt. 2 Urlicht (Primal Light) from Symphony No. 2 Resurrection with alto singer Seda Amir-Karayan; Liszt: Phantasie und Fuge Ad nos . . . ; and Bach: Chorale Prelude Erbarm dich mein, o Herre Gott, BWV 721.

Kensuke Ohira is organist of the Stiftskirche in Stuttgart and winner of the 2016 Johann Pachelbel Prize of ION-Musica Sacra. He is a graduate of Tokyo University of Arts and studied at the Musikhochschule Würzburg and the University of Music and Drama in Munich. His teachers include Christoph Bossert, Bernhard Haas, Masaaki Suzuki, Hiroko Asai, and Rie Hiroe.

Ambiente ACD-3044, $16.98 postpaid in the US from 804/355-6386

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