Iberian Chamber Organ

February 13, 2018
Iberian Chamber Organ

Iberian Chamber Organ

Housed at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, organ has tracker key and mechanical stop action. The flue pipe configuration is based on the instrument named above built by Francesca Antonio Solha in 1778. The reed pipes, with short zinc conical resonators, are copied from the organ in Braga, Portugal. The builder was indebted to Louis Pereira of Famalicao, Portugal, for pipe scaling and guidance.

The main variation from the original is that all the flue pipes are wood except for the Mixture, which are pipe metal due to the small size. The compass of the organ is from C2 to F6. The keyboard is divided between C4 (middle C) and C4#, which is unique to Iberian organs. There are two slider chests one for each half of the keyboard. The keyboard is of the suspended type. The organ wind is obtained from a constant pressure Ventus blower, which is the only electric power required (115V).

The organ is at A440 equal temperament tuning.

Keyboard C2 to C4 
1 ft. open*  
2 ft. open 
4 ft. stopped 
8 ft. stopped  
8 ft. Dulcaina (Regal) 
+plays only with 2 ft.

Keyboard C#4 to F6
Mixture 15th and 19th 
4 ft. open 
8 ft. open 
8 ft. Dulcaina (Regal) 
+can only be inserted to make the Mixture a Cornet 15-17-19

The 27-note pull-down pedalboard, not pictured, is a late addition to this organ built in 1986. It should be pointed out that very few Iberian organs had pedalboards. The pedalboard is easily removed.

43" deep x 82" wide x 106" high. With pedalboard and seat additional depth of 19.5”

Owner will help disassemble and remove. No Cost.

Roger Johnson, Oak Ridge, TN 
[email protected] 

Email for other specifications

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