Hans-Detlef Klueker, 1964

March 12, 2020

Hans-Detlef Klueker, 1964. Best offer. Buyer must disassemble, pack, and ship.

13 ranks, 10 stops including 4-rank Mixtuur. Two manuals and pedal; couplers. Baroque disposition, slider chest, tracker action. Metal pipes are high tin content; wood pipes are African mahogany. Width 128″, depth 62″, height 112″.

Owners are moving soon. For more detailed information, email [email protected], or phone 209/966-3783.
Mailing address: John Schroeder, PO Box 189, Midpines, CA 95345.

Manual I 
Rohrgedact 8 
Prinzipal 4 
Waldflote 2 
Mixtuur IV

Manual II 
Gedact 8 
Rohrflote 4 
Prinzipal 2 
Sifflote 1-1/3

Subbass 16 
Choralbas 4

Manual I to Pedaal 
Manual II to Pedaal 
Manual II to Manual I

Manual/Pedal compass: 61/32 
Kirnberger III temperament 
70mm wind pressure

Contact Info

Company / Name:
Contact First Name: John
Contact Last Name: Schroeder
Phone: 209/966-3783