1889 Woodberry & Harris

Historic 1889 II/12 Woodberry & Harris Organ Available for Gifting Placement—Outstanding Opportunity!

This fine example of early American organbuilding was originally built in 1889 for the First Universalist Church in Melrose, MA, where it faithfully served for 89 years until 1978 when the church merged with another congregation and moved away. The organ then traveled west and was fully restored by organbuilder Manuel Rosales and installed on Santa Catalina Island at Avalon Community Church. It remained there until 1995, when it was moved to San Francisco, ultimately finding its home at the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, CA. But with the recent sale of their property, this exceptional organ has again become available, essentially just as it was built in 1889, fully restored and well-suited for another century of service!

This Organ Is To Be Donated to a Beneficiary Church!

As the present owners of this organ are keenly interested in finding a qualified new home for the Woodberry & Harris, the organ will be donated to its new owners in its entirety. This presents an outstanding opportunity for a qualified beneficiary congregation, as there is no purchase price involved—the costs of moving, storage, minor repairs or modifications as necessary, and the transport and installation into its new home will be the only financial obligation of its new owners.

This is a rare and unique opportunity for a church to acquire a fully restored two-manual 12-rank mechanical action pipe organ for a small fraction of the cost of a comparable new organ. Contact John Hupalo for details!

Hupalo & Repasky
Pipe Organs, LLC
San Leandro, CA 94577
[email protected]

The Specification:

8' Open Diapason
8' Melodia
8' Dulciana
4' Octave
4' Flute
2' Super Octave

8' Stopped Diapason Bass
8' Stopped Diapason Treble
8' Salicional (tc)
4' Flute Harmonic
4' Violina
8' Bassoon (bass)
8' Oboe (tc)

16' Bourdon

Swell to Great
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Great Piano
Great Forte
Wind Indicator
Hand Pump

Manual Compass 61 notes
Pedal Compass 27 notes

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