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1988 Berghaus Tracker Pipe Organ for Sale. Built for a private... more
Brand new italian tracker organ by Giorgio Carli. Two manuals and... more
Aeolian-Skinner Opus 1071 for sale. G. Donald Harrison, three-manuals... more
Four-manual, 88 speaking stop Custom Allen Quantum... 95 digital... more
Portative organ: Designed for small choral or baroque ensembles. Four... more
  Kilgen 16′ Subbass, 32-pipe rank with chests. CCC is 12″ x 10... more
2-manual 34-rank Vischer organ built in 1998.  Available after... more
Aeolian organ—free to a good home. This terrific organ was originally... more
  From Fruhauf Music Publications—Johannes Brahms: an organ... more
The OHS 2016 Calendar celebrates the 61st Annual OHS Convention—... more
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