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  Moller Artiste 2 manual, 4 rank pipe organ 1959, opus 9392.... more
Attention Conoisseurs of César Franck's organ music. As a... more
Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, Lake City, Iowa, is seeking a full-time... more
Complete set of Maas Cathedral Chimes. The vintage chimes are... more
The OHS 2016 Calendar celebrates the 61st Annual OHS Convention—... more
We are pleased to offer the following organ, which is in excellent... more
Completely Restored Pump Organ by Seybold Organ Co. Has reed and pipe... more
1981 Casavant tracker—3 manuals, 23 stops, 30 ranks. Footprint 10′ x... more
  Three-manual Rodgers Hybrid with seven sets of pipes; all... more
Collections of organ books, recordings, and music, for divorce,... more