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  2MP Visser/Wahl practice organ. Lower Manual–Flute 8′ (wood)... more
  Klann 12 volt console clock. 3” x 1-½” bezel with front... more
Position Available:  Director of Music Ministries Old St. Joseph... more
  The French Organ Music Seminar 2015. Includes visit to Holland... more
1977 Schantz Unit Organ 12-rank, 26-stop two-manual and pedal organ... more
  Klann has reintroduced their compound magnet to replace the... more
  OHS 2015 Calendar. Celebrating the Organ Historical Society’s... more
  Pipe/Digital Organ—for home, church, or chapel. Three Manual... more
  Positive organ by Gabriel Kney, ca. 1980. Four stops (8', 4',... more
  Grace Episcopal Church needs an Organ master/Accompanist and a... more