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    The Holtkamp Organ Company wishes to hire an... more
Forestdale Baptist Church (Birmingham) is offering its (1983?) 5-rank... more
A 6-stop two-manual, with pedal, studio or for a chapel ideal for... more
2MP Tellers pipe organ, 3 ranks + mixture. From the estate of the... more
  Dobson tracker organ: two-manual and pedal, 8 stops, 7 ranks.... more
Werner Bosch tracker organ, 1969. Two manuals and pedal, 9 stops.... more
1977 Schantz Unit Organ 12-rank, 26-stop two-manual and pedal organ... more
  Klann has reintroduced their compound magnet to replace the... more
  OHS 2015 Calendar. Celebrating the Organ Historical Society’s... more
We are pleased to offer the following organ, which is in excellent... more