The Spreckels Outdoor Organ in San Diego celebrates 100 years of music.  Bird’s-eye view of Dobson case, as seen from the bell ringers’ gallery in the chapel tower, Merton College, The University of Oxford, U.K. Opus 1588 Casavant Organ, Lewiston, ME The nameboard of the 1897 Möller Opus 188, restored by M.P. Rathke in 2013. Hank Knox, William Porter, Sietze de Vries, Hans-Ola Ericsson, Olivier Latry, James David Christie, and John Grew with a bust of Lynnwood Farnam at the McGill Summer Organ Academy Richard Gray and James David Christie at Saint-Pierre des Chartreux in Toulouse, during Oberlin’s Organ Tour de France. 63rd Sewanee Church Music Conference attendees  Gallery Organ, Schoenstein & Co., Benicia, California, Fordham University Church, New York City Douglas Rafter seated at the Kotzschmar Organ, Portland City Hall, Portland, Maine Goulding & Wood Organ Builders, Inc.: The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Lexington, Kentucky Mary Jane Ballou from Florida plays the organ in Tamazulapan during the Tenth International Organ and Early Music Festival, Oaxaca, Mexico. Stephen Tharp at Victoria Hall, Geneva, in 2014 Anabel Taylor Chapel, Cornell Baroque Organ The five-manual console prior to restoration Organ case, St. Anne’s Church, Warsaw, Poland
September 29, 2015
St. Malachy's—The Actors' Chapel, 230 West 49th St., New York City, presents organ recitals Fridays at 10:30 pm. The instrument is the Paul Creston Memorial Pipe Organ, the... more
September 28, 2015
The University of Michigan will present its 55th Annual Conference on Organ Music October 4–6. The conference will feature recitals by Diane Meredith Belcher,... more
September 24, 2015
Dr. Paolo Bordignon will present an all-Bach harpsichord recital on Tuesday, September 29, at 7:30 p.m. in the sanctuary of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. Concluding the... more
September 22, 2015
The Basilica of St. Mary, the Co-Cathedral of the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota, is hosting a year-long celebration of the 65th anniversary of the dedication... more
October 01, 2015
Alan Curtis died unexpectedly on July 15 in Florence, Italy. He was 80 years old.  His 1956–58 Fulbright Award brought him to Amsterdam, where he studied harpsichord... more
October 01, 2015
A mystery, a cautionary tale, and a little advice   A new “liturgical mystery” from author Mark Schweizer The Maestro Wore Mohair is the twelfth addition to his rib-... more
October 01, 2015
Schoenstein & Co.,  Benicia, California Dahlgren Chapel,  Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Schoenstein & Co. has built a new organ in the symphonic... more
October 01, 2015
To look or not to look During my months off from writing this column, I heard from several readers, partly with various stories or questions or comments about organ study,... more
October 01, 2015
A thousand ages in Thy sight . . .  In June 1956, the Aeolian-Skinner Organ Company, under the leadership of tonal director G. Donald Harrison, was rushing to complete... more

Oberlin Martini for sale from the early 1960s.  II/3/4.  All aspects of the organ function well.  It is located in the mid-west.  The asking price ifs $15,000.... more

Stopped Flute and Quintadena, with Octave Coupler.

Blower and vacuum pump included.

Casework excellent. Piano works OK. All components complete.

Re-rubberclothing needed for...


1971 II/3 Delaware simulated tracker-touch pipe organ (61) pedal (32).

Perfect for practice or small church. 12 stops, 185 pipes.

Phone 330/494-3195 or e-mail by clicking below.


Two-manual/pedal, 4-rank unified.

$6,000 or best offer; buyer to remove/ship.

Currently in storage, playable before disassembling, some restoration needed.

Phone 612/554-3350...


Moeller Artiste, 3 ranks, very good condition, some renovation completed, builder ready to assist in moving for additional cost. $8,000/best offer.

414/228-8737; e-mail by clicking below....


1978 Reuter pipe organ....


Reiley tracker organ, ca. 1890. Two manuals, 9 ranks, 10 speaking stops, 4 couplers.

10' 5" wide; walnut and cherry case.

Excellent condition. Asking $42,000.



1928 Casavant pipe organ, completely restored...


Wicks organ—two manuals, four ranks, ca. 1990.

16' Rohrflute, 97 pipes; 8' Principal, 85 pipes; 4' Gemshorn, 73 pipes; 8' Trumpet, 61 pipes.

Excellent condition. Oak casework and...


Martin Pasi pipe organ for sale.

Two manuals, 24 stops, suspended-tracker action. $350,000.

Details on web at or phone 425/471-0826, or send an e-mail...


Clearing inventory—Box organ.

Specification: 8' Gedeckt, 4' Rohrflute, 2' Principal.

Case: Mahogany with extensive woodcarving.

Key compass: 54 notes from C1–e54.


SIMON THOMAS JACOBS Concert Organist In July 2013, Simon Thomas Jacobs was awarded both the First Prize and Audience Prize at the St Albans International Organ Competition. As the 22nd organist... more

Oberlin Martini for sale from the early 1960s.  II/3/4.  All aspects of the organ function well.  It is located in the mid-west.  The asking price ifs $15,000.... more

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