The Spreckels Outdoor Organ in San Diego celebrates 100 years of music. 
Bird’s-eye view of Dobson case, as seen from the bell ringers’ gallery in the chapel tower, Merton College, The University of Oxford, U.K.
Opus 1588 Casavant Organ, Lewiston, ME
The nameboard of the 1897 Möller Opus 188, restored by M.P. Rathke in 2013.
Hank Knox, William Porter, Sietze de Vries, Hans-Ola Ericsson, Olivier Latry, James David Christie, and John Grew with a bust of Lynnwood Farnam at the McGill Summer Organ Academy
Richard Gray and James David Christie at Saint-Pierre des Chartreux in Toulouse, during Oberlin’s Organ Tour de France.
63rd Sewanee Church Music Conference attendees 
Gallery Organ, Schoenstein & Co., Benicia, California, Fordham University Church, New York City
Douglas Rafter seated at the Kotzschmar Organ, Portland City Hall, Portland, Maine
Goulding & Wood Organ Builders, Inc.: The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Lexington, Kentucky
Mary Jane Ballou from Florida plays the organ in Tamazulapan during the Tenth International Organ and Early Music Festival, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Stephen Tharp at Victoria Hall, Geneva, in 2014
Anabel Taylor Chapel, Cornell Baroque Organ
The five-manual console prior to restoration
Organ case, St. Anne’s Church, Warsaw, Poland
February 22, 2017
Paraclete Sacred Music Site-wide sale. All Choral and Organ music from Paraclete Sacred Music is on a 25% discount from February 22nd thru February 27th. Including works by... more
February 18, 2017
Nominations for the 2017 Class of 20 Under 30 closed on February 1. The results will be announced in a video on The Diapason’s website after March 1. Biographical profiles of... more
February 18, 2017
Schoenstein & Co. of Benicia, California, is building a new three-manual, 16-voice, 18-rank organ for Grace Episcopal Church of Hartford, Connecticut. It is designed... more
February 18, 2017
On Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 7:00 p.m., the Cathedral of Saint Joseph, 140 Farmington Ave., will present Titular Organist of Notre Dame, Olivier Latry, in concert on the... more
January 31, 2017
Nunc Dimittis   Robert V. (Bob) Clement, 67, of Avondale, Pennsylvania, died November 18 after a brief illness. An electrical engineer by profession, his greatest... more
January 31, 2017
The A Team:Antoinette Vischer’sCommissions for Harpsichord Marguerite Bertha Antoinette Vischer (born February 13, 1909, in Basel, Switzerland) was the only child of a... more
January 31, 2017
Why it matters. An hour ago, I finished my last “Christmas” tuning. It’s been a fun season involving lots of organs—some wonderful, and some a little less wonderful. I... more

One-manual, 6-rank, tracker-action pipe organ built by M. P. Möller, Hagerstown, Maryland in 1902.

Manual (61-note): Melodia 8′, Unison Bass 8′, Dulciana 8′, Open... more

1949 Holtkamp Organ from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Cleveland, OH.

Nid: 3683

Hybrid organ—Rodgers Organ, Trillium T927.

Three manuals, four ranks of North European pipes.

For small church or large house.

New Jersey area; 973/543-7505...

Nid: 3775

Johannus Organ, Rembrandt Series 3900. ...

Nid: 4701

Now Available: Moller practice pipe organ—Attention church leaders/music directors: Check out this bargain organ for modest congregations. Your pianist can easily learn this...

Nid: 4707

A grand façade that will make lasting memories! Add grandeur to your worship space with this Schantz pipe organ, reluctant but certain to leave its home on the campus of Bowling Green State...

Nid: 4708

Assistant Professor (212UC2925)

The Keyboard Studies Division, College-Conservatory of Music of the...

Nid: 4761

For Sale: 1910 Felgemaker Pipe Organ, Opus 1067. 11 ranks in excellent condition.

Removed from St Agnes R.C. Cathedral, Springfield, MO.

Call for...

Nid: 4785

Small pipe organ suitable for...

Nid: 4929

International Organ Music Seminars has announced the 18th French Organ Music Seminar, which will be held in England and...

Nid: 5099

Nigel Williams is pleased to offer a limited...

Nid: 5354
JOHANN VEXO Concert Organist Johann Vexo was born in 1978 in the northeastern French city of Nancy—a city close to the borders of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. Surrounded and influenced by... more

One-manual, 6-rank, tracker-action pipe organ built by M. P. Möller, Hagerstown, Maryland in 1902.

Manual (61-note): Melodia 8′, Unison Bass 8′, Dulciana 8′, Open... more

As you know, nominations for The Diapason’s 20 Under 30 Class of 2017 closed on February 1. We received 112... more
This is my first newsletter to you since I became Editor of THE DIAPASON at the beginning of this month. I... more
Welcome to THE DIAPASON eNEWS. This month we wrap up the year 2016 and we look forward to the one to come.... more
My wife Wendy’s daughter Meg is a vibrant young woman who inherited an intense sense of curiosity from her... more

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