Norberto Guinaldo

Norberto Guinaldo

Born and educated in Buenos Aires, Argentina Norberto Guinaldo studied organ with Hermes Forti and harmony with Alberto Ginastera in both The School of Fine Arts and Catholic University. Mr. Guinaldo holds the Master’s degree in Theory and Composition from the University of California at Riverside and the Diplome Superieur d’Orgue from the Schola Cantorum in Paris, France, where he studied with Jean Langlais. In the U.S.A he studied organ with Clarence Mader.

He has won several First Prizes in composition between 1964 and 1983 and has been the recipient of many commissions resulting in the writing of several of his largest works. Several of his works have been featured in recent years by Michael Barone in his now legendary program of organ music Pipedreams.

Mr. Guinaldo has been organist at the United Methodist Church of Garden Grove California since 1965 where he plays the three-manual 48-rank Reuter organ that has been his inspiration through all these years.

As a composer Mr. Guinaldo ranks among the most notable, in that he does not only writes for organists of diverse technical abilities, but also for those who strive for excellence of repertoire both in the concert stage as in their weekly services. The simpler pieces always show the hand of a master and the most difficult a formidable sense of religious emotion and an architect's sense of grandeur and proportion.

He invites his esteemed colleagues to visit and explore his website: WWW.GUINALDOPUBLICATIONS.COMThere, they will find one hundred titles, either in singles or in collections. Will be able to see partial scores and listen to a complete recording of each piece done by Mr. Guinaldo on the Reuter organ at his church.

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