Zoller home pipe organ

August 12, 2019

Zoller home pipe organ (1985) for sale. One manual and flat pedalboard, cherry case with doors, bench.

Six stops divided at middle C. 8’ Stopped Diapason; 8' Krummhorn; 4' Flute; 2-2/3' Nazard; 2' Principal; 1-3/5' Tierce (prepared for).

$15,000 or B.O. Buyer to remove; located in Newcastle, Maine. 1-207/563-5679

Case measures 
H: 89-1/2" 
W: 78",  base width 54-1/4" 
D: 27-7/8" with manual keyboards extending another 11-1/4" 
27-note flat pedalboard extends 25-1/4" from the front of the case.

The case is cherry with front doors which can be shut. A special locking mechanism keeps the the doors shut, but also allows doors to be folded out of the way. Laukauf blower—air enters in the lower back, but blower could be placed off to the side. Preparation for a 4’ pedal stop. Two pedal hitch-downs couple the manual to the pedal and will add the pedal stop when it is complete. A  4’ Principal in a pipe tray, intended as a 4’ pedal stop, will go with the organ as well. 

Contact Info

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Phone: 1-207/563-5679