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Prelude, Air, and Grand Fugue on "Michael"

May 1, 2023
Prelude, Air, and Grand Fugue on "Michael"
Prelude, Air, and Grand Fugue on "Michael"

Fruhauf Music Publications celebrates the arrival of May with a salute to Herbert Howells (1892 ̶ 1983), featuring an elaborate setting for organ of one of his much beloved creations—the Anglican hymn tune, ‘Michael’, so titled in memory of a son who passed away in his childhood years).

Prelude, Air, and Grand Fugue opens with heroically bold fanfares and phrase-by-phrase statements of the melody, yielding to a briefly gentle harmonization of the tune. The third movement offers an elaborate cantus firmus fugue that combines extended contrapuntal presentations of each phrase in the manuals, underlaid with augmented statements in the pedal (bass) registers. A brief but heroic return of the opening fanfare offers a noble flourish and conclusion.

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