OHS 2018 Calendar

November 7, 2017
OHS 2018 Calendar

The OHS 2018 Calendar celebrates the 63rd Annual Convention of the OHS—Rochester, New York, July 29 to August 3, 2018—showcasing a diverse collection of American and European organs from the 18th to 21st centuries.

This calendar is filled with photographs by Len Levasseur, ranging from the Baroque splendor of both the “Craighead-Saunders Organ”—a process-reconstruction of a 1776 A.G. Casparini organ—and an original 18th-century Italian Baroque organ to the subdued polychroming of two late 19th-century Hooks and an early 20th-century New York builder C.E. Morey.

Also included is the massive carved case of the 2008 Fritts at Sacred Heart Cathedral, referencing Dutch Renaissance models; the extravagant conservatory of the George Eastman Museum and its signature 4-manual Aeolian console; and modernist designs of the Organ Reform Movement represented by Holtkamp and Schlicker.

Additional features include the neo-historical cases from C.B. Fisk and Taylor & Boody, as well as the Apollonian restraint and grace of Hope-Jones Organ Co. Opus 2 at First Universalist Church. Nathan Laube’s article provides a snapshot of the offerings—organological and otherwise—that conventioneers can expect to discover in Rochester and its surroundings.

The Calendar highlights U.S. Holidays and the major dates of the Christian and Jewish year.

Member price: $14.99; mon-member price: $19.99. For information: organhistoricalsociety.org.


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