Möller 6-rank tracker

One-manual, 6-rank, tracker-action pipe organ built by M. P. Möller, Hagerstown, Maryland in 1902.

Manual (61-note): Melodia 8′, Unison Bass 8′, Dulciana 8′, Open Diapason 8′, Principal 4′, Principal 2′, Tremolo.
Pedal (30-note flat): Manual to Pedal Coupler, Bourdon 16′.

Dimensions: 9′ deep x 9′3″ wide x 14′1″. Refurbished and installed in 1991 at Community of Christ, Baltimore, Maryland, by David M. Storey, Organ Technician. Excellent finish and function. $10,000. Contact Patty Ballinger, 410/877-3528, [email protected].


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