Lauck 5-rank pipe organ

Lauck Organ Company, Opus 51, 2000. Price: $48,900.

This thoughtfully duplexed, electric-action, 2-manual and pedal organ of 5 ranks is in pristine condition, is self contained in a mission style solid oak case and fits under an 8’ ceiling. Dimensions of casework: 7'6" wide, 7'11" high, 30" deep. 

The organ was built and designed for a church organist as a fully versatile church instrument.  Manuals: naturals are of rosewood, sharps of ebony. Pedals: naturals of maple, sharps of rosewood.  The organ includes an 8-level memory combination action system incorporating a full complement of pistons:  6 general (duplicate toe studs), 4 great, 4 swell and 3 pedal divisionals.  The remaining toe stud operates the zymbelstern. The solid oak bench incorporates a back rest.

Four ranks (gedeckt, spitzflute, string and trompette) are under expression. The principal rank and the bottom octave of the pedal gedeckt are non-expressive and are situated in the façade and the towers.

This extremely versatile instrument would be ideally suited for a small worship space, college studio or private residence.

The organ is currently located at the Lauck Organ Company in Otsego, Michigan, one hour from Grand Rapids.

View You Tube video of instrument at this link:

Please view the stop specification and photos below.  Initial inquiries should be made to the owner, Jim Mendralla.  Phone 847/772-5253.  E-mail:  [email protected]

16 Pommer (from Gedeckt)
8 Principal (80 pipes; Haskell zinc basses, spotted metal from c13. 13–49 in facade.  50 scale at c1 increasing to 60 scale at c13. 16th halving ration from c13 to c56. ¼ mouth)
8 Spitzflute (73 pipes; 1–12 from Gedeckt. 58 scale at TC, spotted metal, 17th halving, 2/9 mouth)
4 Octave (from Principal)
4 Rohrgedeckt (from Gedeckt)
2 Superoctave (from Principal)
1-1/3 Larigot (
from Spitzflute)
II Mixture (Principal 1-1/3 and 1)
Swell to Great

8 Gedeckt (80 pipes; Small scale wood, 2 7/16” x 3 1/8” inside dimensions at c1. 1–12 poplar, 13–41 oak, 42–53 spotted metal with chimneys, 54–80 spotted metal, tapered)
8 Spitzflute
8 Viola (49 pipes, from Tenor C)
4 Principal 
4 Spitzflute
4 Fugara (from Viola)
2-2/3 Nazard (from Spitzflute)
2 Rohrflute (from Gedeckt)
1-3/5 Tierce (from Spitzflute)
8 Trompette (61 pipes)

16 Pommer (12 pipes; ext Gedeckt, 4" x 5" inside dimensions at CCC)
8 Principal
8 Gedeckt
4 Octave
4 Spitzflute
4 Clarion
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal

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