Klais Op. 1152

October 27, 2018

Johannes Klais K.G., Op. 1152, 1958

Installed and voiced by Norbert Spaeth. 
Originally installed in Our Lady of the Angels  R.C. Chapel, St. Paul, Minnesota.

In 2011, while still in good playing condition, was moved into climate-controlled storage in Dallas, Texas.

Slider chests with electric pull-downs.

Price: $19,400


Manual I (Hauptwerk) 
8 Prinzipal
8 Lieblich Gedackt 
4 Blockfloete 
2 Schwegel 
1 Mixtur IV

Manual II (Schwellwerk) 
8 Rohrfloete
4 Singend Prinzipal 
4 Quintadena 
2 Spitzfloete 
2-2/3 Sesquialtera II 
8 Schalmey 

16 Subbass 
8 Gemshorn 
4 Choral Bass 
16 Dulcian            

Central Lutheran Church 
Dallas, Texas

Larry McCain 
[email protected]

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