Gabriel Kney 2-manual, 9-stop organ

Gabriel Kney 2-manual, 9-stop

Gabriel Kney 2-manual, 9-stop organ, circa 1989.

Fully mechanical action, superb condition, commissioned for Brandon University. $20,000 (US). 11' 1/2" H x 7' W x 7' D

“The quality of his instruments is superior. His stops are colourful and beautifully voiced. The action is light and highly responsive, a delight to play.”—Rev. John-Mark Missio.   

Contact Mark Cramer regarding specifications, audio-recordings, working-drawings, photos, expansion-possibilities, technical-support, etc. 

[email protected]



Gedeckt 8 
Praestant 4 
Blockflöte 2 
Quint 1-1/3

Quintadena 8 
Offenflöte 4 
Terz 1-3/5

Subbass 16 
Gedecktbass 8

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