French Choir Organ

Rare 1884 French Choir organ by Louis Debierre. Completely restored. Many amazing features, including polyphonic pipes and keyboard transposing seven notes. 16´ Quintaton, 8´ Bourdon, 8´ Viola, 8´ Diapason, 4´ Flute. Perfect for chancel organ in large church, or primary organ in a chapel.

Also, other small organs available:

Four-stop portable organ in three pieces. Move in a minivan.

Five-rank unit organ by Haase about 1970. Renovated and ready to install. Electric valve chests, and mechanical switching in console. Could be re-done with solid state equipment.

Nine-stop Hook & Hastings with some new pipework, and completely renovated. Will fit under an 11´ ceiling. It could be restored with an 8´ Diapason for a chapel or small church.



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