Electro-pneumatic action organ, 11 ranks

February 21, 2023
2-manual, 11-rank pipe organ
2-manual, 11-rank pipe organ

Electro-pneumatic action organ, original builder unknown. 11 ranks / two manuals.

Most pipe work exposed in “shelf-like” arrangement, some in chamber. Last rebuilt 1977 by Verlinden.

Make offer, buyer to remove.

Contact: Rev. Paul Meier at [email protected]; 414/353-8141. Salem Lutheran Church, 6840 N. 107th St., Milwaukee, WI 53224.

8’ Principal 
8’ Melodia 
8’ Dulciana 
4’ Octave 
4’ Doppel Flute 
2’ Fifteenth (duplexed from Octave) 
16’ Swell to Great, 8’ Swell to Great, 4’ Swell to Great 
16’ Great to Great, 4’ Great to Great

8’ Gedeckt 
8’ Salicional 
8’ Vox Celeste 
4’ Principal 
4’ Flute Harmonic 
4’ Flute d’Amour (duplexed from Gedeckt) 
2-2/3’ Nazard (duplexed from Gedeckt) 
2’ Flautino (duplexed from Gedeckt) 
8’ Oboe 
16’ Swell to Swell, Swell Unison Off, 4’ Swell to Swell

16’ Bourdon (extension duplexed from Swell Gedeckt) 
16’ Subbass 
8’ Principal (duplexed from Great Principal) 
8’ Flute (duplexed from Swell Gedeckt) 
4’ Octave (duplexed from Great Principal) 
8’ Great to Pedal, 4’ Great to Pedal

Contact Info

Company / Name: Salem Lutheran Church
Milwaukee , Wisconsin
Contact First Name: Rev. Paul
Contact Last Name: Meier
Phone: 414-353-8141